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Using the Instagram Algorithm to Boost Organic Reach


There’re only a few definite ways to increase your organic reach on Instagram. And, the one I’m going to tell you about today is how to actually use the Instagram Algorithm to your advantage.

But first…

Take a guess how many people have an Instagram account in the world…

Got a number?

Well, let me tell you – you’re not even close. As of September 2017, Instagram has 800 million users and 500 million of these use Instagram every day.

That’s a crazy lot, right?!

And I bet you’re thinking, “If Instagram has that many users, why do I only have 600… or 1000?! Why can’t these people find me and follow me?”

Yup, we have all been there. And it all comes down to the Instagram Algorithm.

The Instagram Algorithm was introduced so users see the posts they most likely want to see. And that same Instagram Algorithm has 7 elements to it – together they should be putting your favourite posts or accounts in front of you… most… of the time.

Seriously, try it… Go on your home feed on Instagram after you’ve finished reading this post and I bet that the first few posts are your friends or accounts whose posts you’ve liked.

So the Instagram Algorithm is a pretty awesome way of keeping on top of your favourite posts, but…

What If You’re Trying To Grow Your Instagram?

This is where the algorithm can be a bit of a pain. And that’s because the audience you want is being shown posts they already like. So Instagram isn’t likely to put new posts in front of them which are different to posts they usually like and engage with.

But don’t worry… I got you. I’m gonna tell you 14 easy ways to stay on top of your Instagram game, get the Instagram Algorithm on side and boost your organic reach.

Let’s start with:

The 7 elements of the Instagram Algorithm:

1. Engagement – This is how popular the post is based on engagement.
2. Profile searches – How often you search for certain profiles
3. Relationships – The accounts do you normally engage with
4. Time – The length of time you spend viewing a post or a profile
5. Timeliness – How recent the post is
6. Relevancy – Whether the post relates to similar posts you engage with already
7. Direct shares – how many times the post gets shared.

So Instagram tries to build a picture of the posts and accounts you like to see based on your behaviour and then show you those posts or similar ones. But if the post you want to see isn’t similar to the posts you already engage with or you’re posting a style of post which is different to your others and you want others to see this, it’s not as likely.

So here are 14 ways to increase your organic reach on Instagram and become friends with the Instagram Algorithm.

1. Engage

Instagram loves engagement. And so should you.

Engage with as many relevant accounts as possible, whether that is liking their posts, leaving a comment on them or following them. Engaging shows you are a valued Instagram user, and better than this, the person whose post you liked and commented “cool photo” on, will probably follow you and return the favour on one of yours.

So all you need to do is comment on a million posts so on so a million people will follow you back and like all of your stuff…

Ha, just kidding. I can keep dreaming.

2. Use Videos

A simple way to vary your feed and posting pattern is by using videos. Now I’m not talking Hollywood block buster type movies, I’m talking short clips which show your audience what they want to see.

Here’s a few video ideas:
• Behind the scenes
• How-To
• Product Demo
• Boomerang

Any of these will give you some brownie points with Instagram and brownie points mean more exposure!

3. Create content just for Instagram

When it comes to posting on Instagram, don’t just scroll through your camera roll looking for a picture that you can post.

If you’re serious about the Instagram Algorithm working for you, you need to post quality content and content which you know your audience will like too.

The better quality the image is, the more engagement it will receive and the more likely that Instagram will notice you.

4. Post at the right time

I know you’ve heard this thousands of times and I know you’ve googled ‘when is the best time to post on Instagram’. (Yes, I’ve done that too…)

Well the answer is…

It’s different for everyone.

An easy way to find out when the majority of your followers are online is by turning your account into a business account.

When your account is a business account, there’s a little icon in the top right hand corner of the screen (It looks like a bar graph).

Insights - Instagram Algorithm

Clicking on this icon (Insights), Instagram gives you a breakdown of your account stats including the time when most of your followers are online, to the location and gender of your followers.

Insights - Instagram Algorithm


So plan when you’re going to post based on this information – but keep in mind that this information will change on a daily basis – your followers might be online at 5pm on a Monday but on a Thursday they’re online at 7pm.

If you don’t wanna turn your account into a business account, then the best way to find out what time is best to post is trial and error. Keep a record of the times you’re posting and the engagement it’s getting and start to post at the times when your engagement is highest.

5. Know your hashtags

You know the score with hashtags – use them and make sure they’re relevant. The Instagram Algorithm loves hashtags.

The trick is not to use the hashtags that have been used hundreds of thousands or millions of times. And always mix them up. Using the same hashtags over and over raises a red flag to Instagram as spam.

But finding a set of hashtags which work for you takes time and research. If you want to be successful you need to put the work in… But… I have a shortcut for you.

Wanna hear?

Ok, so I have a sneaky little eBook which contains 12,000 hashtags for over 200 niches. That’s 60 hashtags per niche… So if you want to save time and have an abundance of hashtags, check it out here.

If not, look at other accounts in your niche and see what hashtags they are using on a daily basis. If they’re working for them, those hashtags could also work for you!

So, you get the idea, right? Hashtags are uber-important!

6. Curation

Curation accounts are those which are a collection of other people’s posts.

But even if you don’t have a curation account, collecting and reposting other people’s content can super charge your engagement.

Why’s that?…

Because if you repost someone else’s picture, you’ll tag them in it, right? So that means…
a) They will get a notification that you’ve tagged them in a post
b) Anyone searching for posts of that person might stumble across your picture

So using other people’s content basically opens up a door to a brand new pool of followers.

And it’s easy peasy!

But don’t forget to tag the owner of the post.

7) Post consistently

Your posting schedule has an impact on your exposure and engagement so make sure you stay on top of your posts. And your posting schedule isn’t just when you post on Instagram and what you’re going to post, it’s also how often you post.

Instagram favours those who post regularly and provide quality content that people engage with.

But your fans (yes, you will have some fans no matter how big your account is…) will know when you’re going to post and be ready to like and comment.

8. Post less

Wait… what? You just told me I have to post regularly but now you’re saying post less?

Yup. Because when I say regularly, I don’t mean 3 times a day. Once a day is enough for Instagram. Two posts max. Any more than this just becomes annoying.

And if people are constantly seeing your posts every time they come on Instagram there will come a point when they just start scrolling past them because they’ve already seen so many of your posts in the past few days.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘Quality over Quantity’, right? Well keep this in mind when planning your posts. One awesome post is wayyy better than 5 average ones.

9. Use Stories

Instagram stories is one if Instagram’s newest features but in June of this year it hit 250million users.

How crazy is that?! It sounds like it’s taking over another one of our favourite social media apps beginning with S and rhyming with Map-cat… but I’ll save that for another day.

Stories are perfect for posting pictures/videos that don’t fit in with your Instagram feed. It gives you the chance to show your followers more about you. You can use stories to tag brands, businesses and other Instagram users.

And if you tag a location on your story, you could appear on the location’s story so your post could be seen by anyone who views that story… and that could be thousands if it’s somewhere popular!

10. Go live

Live video is the best way to engage with your followers on a personal level. Going live lets your followers or fans tune in and talk to you using comments.

So what does that mean? Well, let’s see… I’d say it makes it pretty damn perfect for announcing a new product or sharing events with your followers.

But live video isn’t just there for your followers to view… if your account isn’t private, anyone who comes across your profile can see your video which means your live video is potentially an open door to any new followers… Awesome.

11. Set goals

Goals are not just a great way to motivate yourself but also to build a following. Set a goal on your Instagram, whether it’s launching a product on a certain date or reaching a certain number of followers.

So let’s say you’re launching a new product…

Taking the time to actually involve your audience will engage them and keep them coming back, so when you’re finally ready to launch, guess what?

Yep. You have a nice bunch of customers ready and waiting.

12. Be the teacher’s pet

Yes, I know most people hated the teacher’s pet in school, but now its your turn to be it and it’ll be one of the best things you do for your Instagram.

You see, you need to be on Instagram’s side. The Instagram Algorithm promotes positive behaviours, so the more good stuff you do, the more exposure you get.

By good stuff I mean…
• Respond to comments
• Engage with other people’s posts
• Post awesome content (make sure it’s relevant and engaging)
• Make the most of all of Instagram’s features including live video, stories, multiple photo upload and location tagging.

So basically, make the most of Instagram and you’ll get the exposure you want.

Easy, right?

13. Instagram Ads

Boosting your post to the appropriate audience is an easy way to boost organic growth because you’re guaranteeing that the right people are seeing your post.

Yes, it does cost. But the results are worth it… I mean, do you really wanna keep posting stuff and just hoping that the right people see it? Or would you rather spend a little money and put your post in front of those people?

Gotta spend money to make money….

The choice is yours… but I’d give it a try.

14. Contests & CTAs

Who doesn’t love a good contest?

The idea of winning something or getting something for free will bring the followers to you. So if all the audience has to do is repost your post, it’s easy peasy for them. And you’ll probably even get people who aren’t that bothered about the prize entering because the thought of winning something is too good to miss (Yep, I’ve done that… I’m pretty sure I once reposted something to win some superglue… Why?! I have no idea. But it was free… P.S. I didn’t win.).

Anyway, by doing that, they’re sharing your post with another bunch of people who might be interested. Winning!

Try getting people’s attention with CTA’s (Calls to Action). This could be ‘Comment your favourite…’ or ‘Tag a friend’ or something similar. But by telling someone to do something, your creating additional engagement on your post. And the more engagement you have, the more exposure Instagram gives your post.

So, there you have 14 top tips to boost your organic reach on Instagram. Try them out and let me know your results!

Skyrocket Your Sales With These Black Friday Instagram Hacks


It’s that time of year again… Black Friday is upon us. And it’s the perfect opportunity to make the most of your social media accounts to bag yourself more customers and more sales… If you know how.

By the end of this post you will know exactly how to smash your social media marketing this Black Friday and Cyber Monday with these Black Friday Instagram hacks.

Black Friday Instagram - Instasecrets

Black Friday pretty much kicks off the Christmas period and is when most people make a start on their Christmas shopping. Did you know that 30% of annual retail sales happen between Black Friday and Christmas? Crazy, right?

Black Friday used to happen for only one day… the Friday following Thanksgiving. But this year businesses are getting ahead and giving their sales a kick start by slashing prices and promoting ‘special offers’ early.

According to Forbes, consumer spending over Black Friday weekend is forecast to grow by 47% from 2016 with nearly 7 in 10 consumers shopping the Black Friday weekend this year.

So to even be in with the chance of making as many sales as last year (or hopefully more), then you need to be on top of your social media game. Like seriously. You don’t wanna be left behind.

The Perfect Black Friday Instagram Campaign

It’s not just about a single advert telling everyone you’re having a Black Friday Cyber Monday event. The competition is way too high now… and it’s pretty much turning into Black November rather than Black Friday with the length of the offers getting longer and longer each year.

So… let’s talk campaigns.

The best strategy is to start early. The more people who see it, the better. And the great thing about social media is you can experiment with different posts and different messages throughout the lead up to the weekend.

An Instagram post at 9am on a Wednesday may be seen by a certain audience and then a post on a Saturday afternoon by a whole different audience. So the more you post, the better.

Now of course, post your campaign on ALL of your social media channels. The more exposure, the better chance of your customers seeing it and putting your product on their shopping list.

Out of all social media platforms, Instagram is top of the leaderboard for engagement, so Instagram is where you wanna be plastering your Black Friday ads all over…

Instagram Promotional Templates - Instasecrets

So to make sure your ads are stopping your customers in their tracks and throwing their credit cards at you, I’m gonna talk you through 8 elements which you Instagram campaign shouldn’t be without…

8 Black Friday Instagram Hacks

1. Plan your Posts and Schedule your Content.

If you’ve got a business account on Instagram (which you definitely should have if you want to make the most of your Instagram), then use this to track when your audience is most active and save the best posts for the busier times.

So, if your audience is most active on a Thursday at 7pm, use this time to post your biggest offer…. Or a sneak peak of your biggest offer. There’s no point posting that at 9am Monday if your account’s engagement is at it’s lowest then as by the time your audience come online, their feed will be swamped with hundreds or even thousands more posts and yours won’t be seen.

And plan your content. By this I mean don’t just jump in the deep end with your offer and then post the same posts over and over. Build a bit of hype. Get people intrigued… and then BAM!… show them the offer.

2. Vary your Posts

The same three posts over and over are borrrr-ing.

Yes, we know you have a Black Friday Instagram event but so what? I’ve seen that same post 4 times now. So is that the only offer you have?

Mix it up and keep content exciting and fresh. Some Instagram users might be more attracted to the ‘in-your-face’ BLACK FRIDAY EVENT posts… whereas others might engage better with a more informative graphic, like a quote post, before going on to read the caption where the offer is detailed.

Try a variety and see which works best for you. You might find that different times of the day will affect the engagement too.

Instagram Promotional Templates - Instasecrets

3. Call to Action

Involve your audience! Tell them to check your website out to prepare for your Black Friday Instagram deals or add something to your posts that will keep them guessing. This will keep them coming back to your Instagram account to keep checking if you’ve announced anything yet.

You’ll be surprised at how much more engagement posts with a call to action receive… so try it out!

4. Instagram Advertising

11% of the global internet use an Adblocker now and this grew by 30% from last year. 615 million devices worldwide now use Adblockers, so think about how many of your customers or potential customers are in those figures. I’m betting a lot of them are. So online ads are no longer the best way to be noticed… So let’s turn to Instagram.

A quick and easy way to get noticed amongst those other brands and businesses is by using sponsored posts. So choose your best Black Friday Instagram campaign posts and run them as an Ad.

You’re probably asking yourself why you need to pay for Instagram ads when hashtags can direct your customers at you, right? Well, let me tell you… 70% of Instagram posts don’t get seen.


That’s a whole lot of posts. So this makes it pretty hard for your customers to find your posts. That’s where sponsored posts come in and save the day…

Before you dive in and promote your posts, do your research. And by that I mean, check your analytics (on your business profile) and get an idea of your audience and the times they are active. Also take into account the audience which you want, but might not have yet. Consider what they would wanna see and when.

5. Urgency and Scarcity

These are two factors that every marketing campaign should have to drive sales. You need to make sure your audience will buy NOW and not wait until later. Scarcity makes sure that they buy straight away because the thought of missing out is just way too bad.

So build these into your posts. If you’re doing flash sales or hourly offers, make sure you post on Instagram before – to get people’s attention and build hype, during – to increase the scarcity and urgency by giving updates on sales, stock levels and how long the offer has left… and after – to tell others what they missed out on and give them a second chance to get their hands on it.

Big bold ‘in-your-face’ posts work best for this so make sure to include them in your Black Friday Instagram campaign.

6. Instagram Stories

Stories are the best way to upload way more content than you usually would on your Instagram feed. And because the stories only last for 24 hours, it’s perfect for flash sales and short campaigns.

Keep posting on your story, whether it’s pictures of the products on sale, videos of the products or just big ol’ adverts, keep it updated.

The more regularly you post on your story and the more people who view it, the closer your story gets to the front of the ‘story queue’ on people’s home feeds so the bigger your audience.

7. Emojis

People love emojis. Fact.

So use them in your campaign! Cramer-Krasselt studied the hashtags used on Black Friday in 2015 in 42,540 tweets and 12,166 Instagram posts… and saw that Instagram users used a total of 677 unique emojis on Black Friday posts. Isn’t that pretty much every emoji?!

The point is… emojis are popular so throw them in here, there and everywhere!

8. Hashtags

Like in everything else, hashtags are the key to unlocking all of those hidden pools of customers just waiting to find your products. Posts with hashtags get 70.14% more engagement than those with none (This was 12.6% in 2014 – hashtags are on the rise!) so use the right ones!

The right hashtags will attract your ideal customers…whereas the wrong ones can get your post seen by nobody. And we don’t want that do we? So make sure to do your research and use relevant hashtags in your Black Friday Instagram campaign.

Here’s a list to get you started:

Black Friday Hashtags - Instasecrets

Or… if you want a super quick and easy way to get your hands on relevant hashtags for your niche (and 204 others) then check out our Hashtag Playbook here.

Don’t be a ‘one-hit-wonder’

What most brands and businesses don’t consider is what happens after Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over.

Y’see promoting your products and offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn’t just impact that one weekend; you’re creating a whole new marketing campaign for the event which is your chance to attract NEW customers and promote to NEW audiences. And after that weekend will probably have new customers purely from your Black Friday Instagram marketing campaign.

So what’s next?

Keeping those new customers and turning them into loyal customers. You need to keep up with the level of quality in your marketing campaign following that weekend and follow up with new customers to make their experience awesome.

Here’s how to almost guarantee you do exactly that…

Instagram Promotional Templates - Instasecrets

Happy Black Friday Instagram!

The Most Important Instagram Question

Most Important Question

Ask this simple 5-word question, stand back and watch your engagement – and growth – erupt

Inside this short blog post, you’ll learn a simple 5-word sentence that gives you an almost unfair advantage in boosting your engagement, out-growing your competition…and…triggering an ongoing stream of new hungry fans.

Asking this simple question is the easiest way I know to get you to think outside the box. It can literally make you rich and set you up as the “expert” in your niche.

This is true if you’re an entrepreneur, infopreneur, business owner, influencer, social media manager – anyone with anything to do with Instagram.

Shameless over-promising? Nope, and I’ll prove it.

Here’s the question:

How good are my hashtags?

Just five little words. But let’s explore their huge potential…

A Little Known Secret Of Instagram Experts

First, always remember that Instagram is so much more than a fun app where people share selfies and shots of their latest meal. It’s a place holding an untapped source of customers – ready to spend their money on your product…services…or business. It’s an easy-to-use (and free) advertising machine able to fly under the “bullshittery” of other advertising methods…and…is able to close thousands of sales at once.

And do it day after day, month after month.

Knowing this, the quickest way we found to uncover new ways to explode engagement is to learn the secrets of the master Instagrammers and then apply them to our own “mass” of accounts.

I’m about to tell you something that is easily one of the most powerful secrets…but…before I do, let me show you it does actually work.

You see, a year ago, we set out on a mission to grow several Instagram accounts at the same time. And, at the end of that year…

After networking with experts, testing, changing, researching, swapping, reading, researching again…and spending way too much money…the question left at the end:

“How good are my hashtags?”

Here’s the reason:

In 2014, using a single hashtag instead of using none, boosted engagement by 12.6% but…

In 2017, using a single hashtag instead of using none, boosts engagement by 70.14% and…

In 2017, using the right hashtags can boost engagement by up to 90%.

Now, here’s the problem with all of that.

It’s not just about using popular hashtags.

It’s not just about using copy-paste hashtags on a free app or website.

It’s not just about stealing your competitors hashtags and using the same set over and over and over.

You see, the Million-Follower giants understand this. The Instagram experts understand this. The huge worldwide brands understand this. And that’s why you don’t often see their hashtags at all – at most, you see one or two in a caption.

They keep them hidden, they use and delete them, if they post right now, they’ll change their strategy for the next one before I finish the drink in front of me (it’s a Starbuck’s Caramel Latte). You get the point.

So, whenever you post on Instagram, always ask: “How good are my hashtags?”

Don’t post until you KNOW you’ve got your own exclusive set of hashtags that you’re confident will give you results.

Got it? Good.

But then we have another question begging for an answer: “Where do we find exclusive hashtags?”

Well, this next page is what I call a magic potion, one so special, it will change your life on Instagram in many positive ways as soon as you start using it.

It will show you how to switch stale engagement out – and tag active fans back in.

It will take out any guesswork and almost guarantee every post aims directly at your target audience.

In fact, this magic potion is possibly the most effective secret for getting results on Instagram without any effort. Yet you have never seen anything like it, anywhere else, I promise. You’ll see soon.

Instagram Is… Picking Up Chicks In A Rolls Royce…Apparently


I know.

That’s a hell of a blog post title. Especially for this blog, which so far, has been nothing short of a beacon of knowledge and a fountain of…coolness?


There’s a good reason this post is here, and it’s partly to celebrate our product launch…and…partly to do with me trying to show you the power of Instagram. Because…

That’s what this kid got famous for. His Instagram. Then he got signed by a modelling agency and the rest is history.

I mean, just check out his Youtube channel, or his Instagram.

Both full of enough luxury cars to make you and your entire family jealous for the next few weeks.

Anyway,  here’s a video to show you the power of Instagram. If it can provide this kid with luxury cars…what could it do for you and your business. (You know, a business that’s actually out there doing some good in the world!)

Ok that was a little harsh. But, you get my point.


So there you have it…a brand new Rolls Royce. That he just…you know, drives around picking up his crushes and other random people in.

At least he makes people happy though, right? Plus…in one of his other videos, he has one of my dream cars…so…I can’t exactly hate on him, the mans got good taste in cars!

If Instagram can make this happen, see what it could do for you and your business. Let this little video give you motivation that big things are possible. And, just taking action everyday, will bring you closer to your goal.

P.S – If you don’t want to wait around for the next 2 years hoping you hit it big on your own. Or, if you don’t have the perfect face for the modern day…you could take a look at our Hashtag Playbook. It’s guaranteed to make your life easier.

3 Reasons You Should Use Hashtags On Instagram


I know, I know, you’ve heard it a thousand times… Hashtags are super important – they can help you grow your Instagram, get more customers, share your message etc. etc.

Well… that’s all true. Hashtags can do all that if you use them… And I’m going to talk you through 3 ways in which they do just that…

1. Using Hashtags In Your Business

Hashtags are the easiest way for people to find your business or brand online. Whether you use a bunch of relevant hashtags or your very own personalised hashtag, anyone searching for them will be directed to you. Think of it as targeting the people who you want to follow you or buy from you.

It’s a good idea to create your own hashtag for your brand or business and to get your followers using it – the more times it’s used, the more it will be seen and when people are searching for similar hashtags, it could appear as a suggestion… and the loop continues… The more the hashtag is used, the more people see it, the more likes and follows etc.

You can also use hashtags to find out what competitors are up to and nip their growth in the bud.

Wait, what?

Yup. Find one of your competitors and look below their post to see what hashtags they are using to attract their customers. If their hashtags are totally different than your then there is no way their customers will find you. So mix up your hashtags and give theirs a whirl.

2. Visibility

When you use a hashtag Instagram sorts your photo and files it under that specific hashtag, so whenever anyone searches for that specific hashtag, your post will be there. So this goes without saying but the more hashtags you use, the more ‘sections’ your post is filed under so the wider the audience that will see it.

If you don’t use any hashtag then the only place people can find it is on your profile. And if you don’t have many followers (and never use hashtags), it’s pretty unlikely that people will come across your profile and scroll through your posts.

Add a hashtag into the mix and watch the magic happen.

And of course if people search for a hashtag and find your photo, there’s the chance that not only will they like it but they might click onto your profile and if they like what they see, give you a follow.

So long story short… Hashtags = Likes + Follows + Growth

3. Engagement

Everyone wants engagement right?

Yes! And hashtags are they key to super charging your engagement and sky rocketting your growth.

A study in 2014 said that using at least one hashtag on your post increased engagement by 12.6%. Pretty decent, yeah?

Well… 3 years later and a study done by Agora Pulse showed that using hashtags increased engagement by 70.14%.

Now if that’s not a jump in engagement, then I don’t know what is.

But the numbers don’t lie… so get hashtagging!

6 Quotes To Make You Think… About Hashtags


We’ve taken 6 quotes to make you think and given them a little hashtag twist to give you…


I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth we’ve gone to the effort of making quotes about hashtags…and why we’d even bother taking up a nice new spot on the blog with them.

Well, we’re about to launch a product that you’re gonna love. I won’t say much more right now…but…you’ll LOVE what it can do for your Instagram.

I promise.

Anyway, here’s the quotes…you might recognise some of them…but we’ve added a little twist obviously 😉


6 Quotes To Make You Think… About Hashtags


The Greatest Barrier To Success Is Not Having The Right Hashtags - 6 Quotes to Make You Think About Hashtags

The greatest barrier to success is not having the right hashtags.



6 Quotes to Make You Think About Hashtags

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is “What hashtags do you use?”



 - 6 Quotes to Make You Think About Hashtags

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by that person using The Hashtag Playbook.



 - 6 Quotes to Make You Think About Hashtags

A goal without a hashtag is just a wish.



 - 6 Quotes to Make You Think About Hashtags

Success isn’t overnight, it takes years… Unless you have The Hashtag Playbook…



 - 6 Quotes to Make You Think About Hashtags

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you can still get The Hashtag Playbook.



How To Definitely, Maybe 5x Your Instagram Bio Link Power


Instagram is an amazing way to bring more traffic to your website…or…earn more money from promoting products as an influencer…or…just sending people to your other social media profiles…all by using a sweet-ass bio link…but…

I’m sure you’re already well aware of Instagram’s tight-butted policy of only giving you ONE clickable link…ever. (Just kidding – I love you Instagram…)

I mean, seriously…it can make it really difficult as a business owner or marketer to decide exactly what that link should be. But…

Did you know there’s a new little secret that means you can actually have more than one link on your Instagram bio.

All of them are clickable…and…that means all of them, work for you and your goals!

The stress of only being allowed one clickable link is OVER! It’s over I tell you.



What’s This Tool?

Well, it’s a tool that opens up a whole new world of clickable links on your Instagram and basically puts your Instagram bio on steroids. Seriously…you’ll wonder how this wasn’t created sooner – “how did we cope before this?”

And what’s more…it’s easy. All you do is generate a custom link (which is completely free to do by the way) and include it in your Instagram profile, as shown below:


And you can see for yourself…this little beauty doesn’t just open up these new opportunities, but being selfless heroes…they let you use your Instagram handle for consistent branding.

They don’t “take-over” your bio and make it all about them.

*Round of applause*

Anyway, when users click your bio link, they’re given a page that has all of the links you want to share with them. So this could be multiple free offers…sales pages…blog posts…menu items from your website…product categories.

You can pretty much choose any links you want – as long as they’re normal good links. (Don’t be going putting any naughty links on here or spammy links because you’ll end being hit with the same ban hammer you normally would!)

Here’s what it looks like:

The Tale of Two Versions

Like most things these days, there’s a free and paid version of Linktree.

The free version includes everything you need to start using the tool:

  • Instagram handle branding
  • Unlimited links
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Reports for total number of clicks
  • 3 themes

Sounds good, right?

Well that just leaves us with one question:


Is The Paid Version Worth It?

For $6 a month…you bet it’s worth it. You get a bunch of added features that really round out the benefits of using Linktree…and…this sets you up for higher conversions in future.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • A daily breakdown of your link traffic
  • Team access
  • Custom buttons and styles
  • Custom title
  • The ability to schedule links
  • A way to add your Facebook pixel for retargeting.



How Do We Set It Up?

To add Linktree to your Instagram profile, head over to https://linktr.ee/ and hit sign up for free in the top right.


Then log in to your Instagram, give the big ol’ tree access to your account and voila!


Wait, no, not voila…damn it.

Choose your plan, confirm your details and boom, you’re ready to start throwing in your links.

So, if you head over to your Linktree dashboard, click the green button and begin creating your list of links.

Once your links area opens up, you can start to create each individual link. Starting with the link title…

And, just so I’m giving you the full story, that title is what your followers will see when they click on your new Linktree bio link. That title will be the options they see.

On the second line, URL that you want to send your followers to – again…be smart here. Don’t go sending people to anything they wouldn’t want to see.

Annnnd finally, use the toggle on the right to set your new link to visible or hidden.

Then feel free to have a play around with it, add more links, rearrange them, turn them on and off over and over, mix and match. Whatever.

But before anything else, remember that the coolest feature is this little live preview on the right side of your screen! So simple…so effective!

Once all of your links are set…and…you’re ready to go out there and make 5 times more money on Instagram, you just need to copy this link into your Instagram bio and sit back to count the dollar bills (hopefully)!


20 Famous Inspirational Motivational Quotes


Quote posts are one of the most popular types of post on Instagram… And pretty much anyone, can use quote posts to boost engagement (and give themselves a little inspiration and motivation!). So I’ve put together 20 famous inspirational motivational quotes to do exactly that!

Some people might find them annoying or irrelevant, but at the end of the day – they work.

So here’s a list of 20 famous inspirational motivational quotes for bloggers, businesses and just about anyone else who loves quotes…

  1. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney
  2. “Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein
  3. “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” —Charles Swindoll
  4. “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”—Michael Jordan
  5.   Estee Lauder Quote - Famous Inspirational Motivational Quotes“I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.” – Estee Lauder
  6. “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. —Aristotle Onassis”
  7. “I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear.” —Rosa Parks
  8. Jamie Paolinetti Quote - Famous Inspirational Motivational Quotes“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.” – Jamie Paolinetti
  9. “When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” —John Lennon
  10. “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” —Helen Keller
  11. “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” —Booker T. Washington
  12. “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vidal Sassoon
  13. Maya Angelou - Famous Inspirational Motivational Quotes“Nothing will work unless you do.” – Maya Angelou
  14. “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” – Henry Ford
  15. “You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.” – Ruth E. Renkl
  16. Tony Hseih Quote -Famous Inspirational Motivational Quotes“Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.” – Tony Hsieh
  17. “Repetition makes reputation, and reputation makes customers.” – Florence Nightingale Graham
  18. “What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.” —Bob Dylan
  19. “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” —Robert Louis Stevenson
  20. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” —Steve Jobs

How To Add Location To Instagram


Adding a location to your posts is one of the underused magic tricks to get more followers. But where do you add your location? How do you add a location? And can it really increase followers…?

Let me explain.

But first… let’s go back to basics.

What Are Location Tags?

A location tag is added to a post or a story to tell your followers where you are or where the picture was taken. Simple as that.

Once you add a location tag to your post it appears at the top of the post, just underneath your username, like this…

TravelAwesome Fuji - How To Add Location To Instagram

Anyone who sees your post can then click on the location and view any other photos which have been tagged at Mount Fuji. Instagram will also show you a map with a dropped pin to tell you exactly where the location is…

TravelAwesome Fuji Location - How To Add Location To Instagram

And at the top where you can see that multi coloured circle around the image – that tells you that there is a location story. So not only can you see other posts from Mount Fuji but also any stories that people have added Mount Fuji as a location to…

[one_third_first]TravelAwesome Fuji Story - How To Add Location To Instagram[/one_third_first]

[one_third]TravelAwesome Fuji Story - How To Add Location To Instagram[/one_third]

[one_third_last]TravelAwesome Fuji Story - How To Add Location To Instagram[/one_third_last]

Cool, right? It almost feels like you’re there!

So now it’s your turn…

How Do You Add A Location On Instagram?

There’s two ways you can tag your location in your post:

  1. When you’re posting.
  2. After you’ve posted.

Okay so starting with the first one… You’ve probably seen the ‘add location’ tab hundreds of times and might have either ignored it completely (I did this for a while)…or just not known what it was for.

Well here it is… the one little thing you can add to your post which will bring in some new followers… (and hopefully customers too!).

So, once youve edited your post, written you’re awesome caption and thrown a couple of hashtags in there, click the ‘Add location’ tab just underneath your caption.

[one_third_first]Add Location - How To Add A Location On Instagram[/one_third_first]

[one_third]Add Location - How To Add A Location On Instagram[/one_third]

[one_third_last]Add Location - How To Add A Location On Instagram[/one_third_last]

Instagram will prompt you with some location choices if you’ve allowed Instagram to use your location. You can change this in settings on your phone if you need to. I would personally recommend choosing ‘Use location whilst using the app’… this way Instagram can save you time by telling you your location automatically… but it can only see this when you’re using the app and not all the time!

Now the second way to add your location is after you’ve already posted your picture. I know, I know… you can’t go back to the edit screen to add a location once you’ve posted it. Buuuut you can edit your post on your feed…

Once the post has been shared, click the three dots on the top right hand corner of the post and when the menu appears, click ‘Edit’. This will let you make changes to the caption, location and tagging AFTER it’s been posted… So that spelling mistake you made in your caption and realised after you’d already clicked post… Yup you can change that too. Life Saver!

Add Location - How To Add A Location On Instagram

So once you’ve clicked edit, simply click on the ‘Add location’ link and type your location in the search bar. Save this to your post by clicking ‘Done’.

Add Location - How To Add A Location On Instagram

Awesome… so now you know how to add a location, let’s look at how…

Adding A Location To Your Post Can Increase Followers

Like I talked about earlier on, when you click on a location, Instagram shows you all the other posts which have been tagged at that location… so simply by clicking a location you see thousands more posts which are similar to yours… which means you’ll probably have a little browse through them… and then click on a couple… and maybe click through to someone’s account…

See where I’m going with this?

If you can do that by searching a location, then other people could see your post whilst looking at a location too… IF you’ve tagged your post there!

So more people will see your posts without you having to anything more than type in your location. Easy peasy!

A study was done in 2014 which found out that people who had added a location to their posts automatically got 79% more engagement on average…


Not one or two more followers… 79%.

That’s pretty high. So add your location whenever you post and just watch your engagement grow like a weed!

Not only will this open more doors to more people who can see your post, but if you actually have a physical location, like a store, it can be an easy way to tell people where you are. People can click the location and use the map to find you.

If your account is personal – i.e. not business – I’d recommend being a bit more private with your location than if you have a business. And by private I just mean keep it more general… the last thing you want is a stalker turning up at your doorstep after you’ve just told the whole of Instagram exactly where you live… So, be smart with what you post!

Another sneaky little trick you can use to increase engagement and get more followers is…

Share Your Location In Stories

So next time you share a post to your story, tap the ‘Tab’ icon in the top right hand corner, as if you were going to add an emoji to your story…

Add Location To Story - How To Add A Location On Instagram

Click the Location icon and type in your location as normal.

Your location will appear in a little bubble on your story. To move it around, simply pinch the location image and drag it to where you want it to be and change the size by stretching it.

Add Location To Story - How To Add A Location On Instagram

The awesome thing with adding a location to your story is that your story could get added to that location’s story… Like I showed you above… when you tap on a location, and see the location had a story, yeah? Well that’s what I’m talking about. You could be on there.

I’ve been on location stories several times – it’s super easy to get on to if you take a great picture.
And that means of course… more people will see your story, and so more people could click through to your profile.

So, those are the simplest ways that tagging your location on Instagram can get you more engagement and followers.

If for whatever reason you decide you want to remove your location from a post, tap the three dots in the top right hand corner of your post again, and click Edit. Then tap the location that is already there and click ‘Remove Location’ on the pop up menu.

Easy peasy.

So now it’s your turn…

Give it a go – add your location to your posts and watch your engagement rise!