Here’s How Social Media Managers Can Fix Low Instagram Engagement


Let me recap what I said to you in the last part of this series.

I said:

When it comes to your Instagram growth – or your clients growth – most of you end up listening to the advice of the so-called experts…and…you end up getting next-to-no results because no one told you the right way to do it. In this case, you got told that the Follow-Unfollow method is a great way to get some initial growth on an Instagram page…and…you might have heard that you need to go and find the biggest accounts in your niche, and follow their followers.

I told you that the first step to getting a quick win for your clients is to find the “not-yet-popular kids on the block”.

I told you to make sure you follow the followers of these accounts and you should see an impressive boost in your followers and that should make your clients very happy.

I then told you to think about the speed at which you do this because, whether you like it or not, Instagram is always watching and, it’s surprisingly easy to set off her big ol’ alarm bells. And that, puts the security camera right on you.

And finally, I told you that, if you do all of this, the next step was for you to think about the very real possibility of your clients engagement not rising as quickly…and…you ending up with a lot of difficult questions to answer. But, that you should wait for this next part in the series where I would teach you how to almost guarantee that your engagement rate lifts too.

So, before we dive into what to do next…


I Want To Talk To You About Engagement

You see, with every new follower that comes your way, you get one of two types of users. Some, will engage readily and happily. Others, will ignore you as though you never even existed. Obviously…that second type is a problem for us.

They inflate the number of followers we have…but…they lower our overall engagement rate.

And that, my friend, is a big problem. Your clients will eventually start to notice that there’s a big difference between the followers and the engagement rate. Then, who do you think they’re going to question about it. Not me. No, they’re coming straight for you because you’re the one they’re paying.

Now listen: There is a way you can get them to lower their pitch forks and torches. You can tell them the truth. You can tell them that you have no idea why the engagement isn’t rising…or…you can tell them you don’t know how to make it increase quickly.

But…both of those choices will end up with the same problem we had earlier in the first part of the series. You. Lose. Clients.

So, how about I show you how to keep that engagement rate up nice and high? And hey, if you do this right, you can supercharge the tactic I gave you in the first part. Meaning, your followers will start to flood in even faster than before.

Basically, this next tactic is…


…win, win, win…WIN!

Now, usually, someone puts their hand up and says I’ve had a few ideas about how we can sort out this little follower problem. And, I entertain it for a minute as a “teaching experience”…

It goes something like this:

“We could not try to increase our followers because it’s just creating more problems.”


“Why don’t we choose more carefully and before following anyone, make damn sure that they will engage with us? Or, we could unfollow all those people who aren’t engaging.”

Now, the first would mean we’d still lose clients, so I won’t even give it a thought. The second would be wayyyy too hard – there wouldn’t be any reliable way to try and filter out the good from the bad. And finally, it would be more than time consuming to consider sorting through them to figure out who’s engaging and who isn’t.

So, those suggestions can stay behind us from now on, okay? Good.

Instead, we can use something again that you already know an absolute ton about. I mean, this is kind of Instagram 101…with a rocket strapped to it. It’s all about:



Yes, I know you’ve heard of hashtags. And I know you know how to use them. And I double know that you think the  biggest secret about them is that you put them into the comments section instead of the caption. Look, I’m glad you know all of that.

But, you should know by now: I’m not here to talk about things that literally every other “Instagram expert” out there has told you already. I’m here to give you the secrets. The little-known things that they always forget to mention.

I don’t know…things like…


Where To Find Kickass Hashtags?

You know, I’ve seen pretty much every Instagram course out there and this, by far, is the most “forgotten” topic there is.

It’s like everyone thinks hashtags are the little bit you just put on at the end. Doesn’t require a whole lot of thought. And, most of the time when you hear them mentioned, it’s either:

“Use relevant hashtags…and make sure you use the full 30…in your comment section. Ok next topic…”


“Oh, hashtags, just steal the same ones as the biggest accounts in your niche. It’s working for them and they have 2.343 Million followers…so it’ll work for you…right?”

Right? No. Not right. It won’t work for you if you have 200 followers and you haven’t cracked the code to going viral yet.

You see, by using those hashtags, you’re getting in the ring with the big dogs…and…in this case, they are a heavyweight champion and you are an 11 year old boy who doesn’t even know how to put boxing gloves on.

In other words, it’s not gonna happen.

But, if you choose the right hashtags, you put your account in front of people that actually engage with accounts like yours. In front of people who don’t care that you’re not Mike Tyson. They’ll like you just the same.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, there’s gotta be a catch to this…and…there is. Unfortunately. I hate to break that to you but I’m not here to lie to you. The catch is this takes a lot of time. In fact, it’s probably one of the most time-consuming, boring, repetitive tasks you’re gonna have.

It gets results. No doubt about that. But the real talk here is that…


It’s Gonna Tire You Out!

Well, it’ll do that if you choose to research them yourself. But…if you’d prefer to get all of the results of the proper hashtags…and…you’d prefer to just swipe the hottest hashtags, then stick around for the final part of this series because we’ve got something you’re gonna love. And no, before you say it…it’s not one of those hashtag apps, leave them to the amateurs.

You see, you need hashtags for every niche, and every client in that niche, and every type of post that client could post.

It’s not enough to just have Motivation hashtags for a Motivational speaker’s account…because…what if he decides to post something about his travels? Or something about his business? Or his brand new sports car? You’d need other sets of hashtags, right?

This all adds up to more and more hashtags, which means more and more research. And that – if you want the engagement…and…you want to keep your clients – is just something you’re gonna have to do.

Or…you stick around for part 3 where I’ll tell you all about the secrets behind these hashtags, where to find them (both the super-easy and the super-hard way). I’ll show you where to find  insider information on the biggest accounts out there…and…I’ll teach you about how you can avoid the dreaded Instagram shadow-ban. Plus a few more bonuses I’ll keep quiet about until next time. 

Here’s Part 3: So-Called Instagram Experts Have Lied To You! Here’s How To Fix The Damage!


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