Here’s How To Rewatch Instagram Live Videos In Less Than 3 Minutes


If you’re wondering how to rewatch Instagram live or you’re wondering how to share your own live videos, I’ve got you covered.

Instagram Live is one of the most recent features to be added to Instagram and…

You’ve probably seen the colourful circles around profile pictures at the top of your home page with a ‘LIVE’ caption underneath them… yeah?

Or maybe you’ve streamed your own live video?

But isn’t it annoying when you’ve watched a really awesome Live video, maybe one that made you laugh so hard you were crying, or maybe one that had some boss-ass tips on how to start your business and you didn’t have a pen and paper to hand, and there’s nothing you can do to watch them again?

Or you’ve streamed an awesome video yourself but when you were live, not many of your followers were so most of them didn’t see it and although you’ve saved it, you can’t post the 60 minute stream to your story or your profile?

Heck you can’t post more than 60 seconds to your profile…

So how do you share it again?

Well until recently you couldn’t. If your followers missed it then they missed out.

But Instagram has been super awesome and added a brand new ‘Share’ feature.

This now lets anyone share their live stream AFTER it has ended. The video which can be up to 60 minutes long gets shared to your story and is available for 24 hours after the stream ended.

So anyone who missed out actually has a second chance to view your live video, or the live video that you really wanted to watch but you couldn’t because you were working… well now you can!



So How Do I Share My Live Stream?

It’s simple.

Once you have ended your stream, a message will appear on your screen which says ‘Share your video for the next 24 hours so more people can watch it’. Make sure the toggle next to this message is blue (turned on) and then tap ‘Share’ below this.

And that’s it.

Shared to your story.

If you finish a broadcast and decide you don’t want to share it, simply change the toggle to discard and the video has gone forever… Well, unless you saved it.

To save the video to your phone, when the broadcast is over, simply tap the save button in the top right corner of your screen.

If you share more than one live video in a day and add these to your story, an arrow will allow users to you to skip through them quicker to get to the parts they want to see.


How To Rewatch Instagram Live Video

When a colourful circle is around someone’s profile picture, a small play button icon will appear at the bottom of the circle which indicates that it is a live video, or a live video that has been shared. If no play button exists then it’s just a story.

Simply tap the circle and the live video will play.

Arrows on each side of the screen give you the option to tap and move 15seconds forward or back to skip or rewind parts of the video…


You can view the comments and likes which were made during the original stream in real-time too!



So there you have it, you now know how to rewatch Instagram live! Awesome!


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