How To Definitely, Maybe 5x Your Instagram Bio Link Power


Instagram is an amazing way to bring more traffic to your website…or…earn more money from promoting products as an influencer…or…just sending people to your other social media profiles…all by using a sweet-ass bio link…but…

I’m sure you’re already well aware of Instagram’s tight-butted policy of only giving you ONE clickable link…ever. (Just kidding – I love you Instagram…)

I mean, seriously…it can make it really difficult as a business owner or marketer to decide exactly what that link should be. But…

Did you know there’s a new little secret that means you can actually have more than one link on your Instagram bio.

All of them are clickable…and…that means all of them, work for you and your goals!

The stress of only being allowed one clickable link is OVER! It’s over I tell you.



What’s This Tool?

Well, it’s a tool that opens up a whole new world of clickable links on your Instagram and basically puts your Instagram bio on steroids. Seriously…you’ll wonder how this wasn’t created sooner – “how did we cope before this?”

And what’s more…it’s easy. All you do is generate a custom link (which is completely free to do by the way) and include it in your Instagram profile, as shown below:


And you can see for yourself…this little beauty doesn’t just open up these new opportunities, but being selfless heroes…they let you use your Instagram handle for consistent branding.

They don’t “take-over” your bio and make it all about them.

*Round of applause*

Anyway, when users click your bio link, they’re given a page that has all of the links you want to share with them. So this could be multiple free offers…sales pages…blog posts…menu items from your website…product categories.

You can pretty much choose any links you want – as long as they’re normal good links. (Don’t be going putting any naughty links on here or spammy links because you’ll end being hit with the same ban hammer you normally would!)

Here’s what it looks like:

The Tale of Two Versions

Like most things these days, there’s a free and paid version of Linktree.

The free version includes everything you need to start using the tool:

  • Instagram handle branding
  • Unlimited links
  • Unlimited clicks
  • Reports for total number of clicks
  • 3 themes

Sounds good, right?

Well that just leaves us with one question:


Is The Paid Version Worth It?

For $6 a month…you bet it’s worth it. You get a bunch of added features that really round out the benefits of using Linktree…and…this sets you up for higher conversions in future.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • A daily breakdown of your link traffic
  • Team access
  • Custom buttons and styles
  • Custom title
  • The ability to schedule links
  • A way to add your Facebook pixel for retargeting.



How Do We Set It Up?

To add Linktree to your Instagram profile, head over to and hit sign up for free in the top right.


Then log in to your Instagram, give the big ol’ tree access to your account and voila!


Wait, no, not voila…damn it.

Choose your plan, confirm your details and boom, you’re ready to start throwing in your links.

So, if you head over to your Linktree dashboard, click the green button and begin creating your list of links.

Once your links area opens up, you can start to create each individual link. Starting with the link title…

And, just so I’m giving you the full story, that title is what your followers will see when they click on your new Linktree bio link. That title will be the options they see.

On the second line, URL that you want to send your followers to – again…be smart here. Don’t go sending people to anything they wouldn’t want to see.

Annnnd finally, use the toggle on the right to set your new link to visible or hidden.

Then feel free to have a play around with it, add more links, rearrange them, turn them on and off over and over, mix and match. Whatever.

But before anything else, remember that the coolest feature is this little live preview on the right side of your screen! So simple…so effective!

Once all of your links are set…and…you’re ready to go out there and make 5 times more money on Instagram, you just need to copy this link into your Instagram bio and sit back to count the dollar bills (hopefully)!



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