The Shotgun System To Sell Services On Instagram


No…there are no Shotguns here…but…I called it that because this blog post is going to give you everything you need in knowing how to sell services on Instagram…and…like a shotgun, it’s gonna show you how to hit people hard, and fast.

If you’re struggling to sell your services on Instagram, this might be the most important blog post you’ll ever read.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying that what you can find here might change your business marketing for good, so…

Whether you’re just starting out on Instagram and wondering how the hell you use it to sell your services effectively…or you’re a seasoned pro who just needs to be reminded of a few key things, then do yourself a favour and read about a bunch of kick-ass ways to…

Sell Services On Instagram With The Shotgun System

Look, I’m not gonna beat around the bush here because…if your business involves selling services…you’re probably busier than all those 9-5 slaves…and…let’s face it, you don’t have time to be reading a novel-sized blog post.

So, with that in mind, let’s start with something easy:

Share Content Your Customers Want To See




What do your customers want from you?

Let’s say you own a hotel and obviously, your goal is to get people to come and stay for their holiday.

And…considering you’re in charge of the Instagram page, you decide that you really like all of these motivational quotes that you see on pages across your Instagram feed. Maybe they’ll motivate people to come and stay with you? (See what I did there?)

So, you go on posting these quotes until you’re blue in the face and there’s tumbleweeds rolling through your reception area.

Not good.

But if you take a step back…

What do you think your customers want to see?

They want to see the room they’re staying in…

They want to see the views from the balcony…

The hotel gym, the pool, the bar, the meals you offer.

They want to see happy customers.

Basically, they want to see what you offer. And that’s not just for hotels. If you’re a web designer, they’ll want to see websites you create. If you’re a car detailer, they’ll want to see examples of cars you’ve worked on. If you’re a makeup artist, they’ll want to see…faces with makeup on?  Whatever.

You just need to find a way of showing what you do, or the results of what you do. It’s really that simple.

Educate Your Customers

Now, I’m not pretending that everyone goes to Instagram for an education. As great as that would be, it’s not gonna happen.

But, you can still offer tips and advice every now and again to those who would want it.

Think about it like this: Some of your customers will want to know how you do what you do. It might even make some of them recommend you to a friend. Imagine someone being so impressed with the fitness advice you offer as a Personal Trainer, that they recommend you to their friend Alan. Before you know it, you’ve got a new client and the reason is…drumroll please…you offered tips.

The key with this is to use it sometimes…but not often – we’re not trying to start a new college course here.

So, you’re probably wondering: “How often do I use it then? Don’t leave me hanging like this!”

Fear not mon petit bijou, I got your back.

You should use it as part of your overall content plan. So, let’s say every 5th post, you offer a tip, or some advice.

The consistency will not only work for you, but it will help your customers to expect that content from you every 5th post. If it’s something they really enjoy, they might even turn on post notifications for your account (the holy grail of engagement in case you’re wondering).

And, better yet, you get a chance to use an exclusive hashtag. So again, if you were posting a tip every 5th day, you could use #5thdayfitnesstips, then your customers can look at that hashtag for all of your tips in one place. Awesome.

If you need some inspiration for what to post here, try answering these questions:

  • What drives my business?
  • What are the biggest takeaways for my customers?
  • How will these tips help my audience?

Answer those…and…you’re probably gonna find it’ll be so much easier to sell services on Instagram.

Leverage Your Location

If you’re a brick and mortar business, you better be using geotags on your Instagram posts.

It’s kinda the key to the castle because you have hungry customers around every corner, and you could be advertising to them…for free…right in their homes.

The perfect example for this is a local bakery. If you spend some time every day posting pictures of cakes, pastries and breads…what do you think is gonna happen when the hungry guy who lives 5 minutes away sees them? His belly starts to rumble. He thinks he should just go and make himself some food, that’ll save money. But…your delicious-looking cakes have got inside his head. He goes back. Checks his Instagram again. And sure enough, there it is. His favourite cake…


He turns up 3 minutes later (yes, he ran) and buys that cake.


If I ask you now: How does geotagging sell a service on Instagram? You know the answer, right?


If the question is how do you geotag on Instagram? Well, I’m gonna have to cover that now aren’t I?

There’s a few ways to make the most of your location. And to be honest, you should be using all of them. Your customers need to know where you are.

The first is to just include your location in your bio. Simple.

The second, is actually geotagging your location when you post. When writing your caption, look slightly below that box and you’ll see another few boxes. The one that says location is our target here. All you need to do is type in your location and bam, done.

Then finally, you have location-specific hashtags. This might take a little more effort because, not every location is going to have a very active hashtag. Especially if you live in some small town somewhere off the East Coast of Who-Knows-Where.

But, it can be worth your while because, your local customers still might search for the hashtag, and if they do, you can be the top post every damn day.

Make Sure You’re A Business Profile

This is kind of a given but a lot of businesses I talk to don’t even know it exists. The business profile setting.

Even if you’re just a personal Instagram account, you should have your profile set to business because there’s a whole host of benefits if you want to sell services on Instagram.

You get access to analytics that will tell you your impressions, reach, profile views, time of most activity, best content for engagement, best day to post…and more.

That kind of information is absolute gold dust if you know how to use it. And trust me, you should take the time to find out.

On top of that, you get to add your contact information, which nicely transforms into your very own contact button on your profile. That gives your customers the ability to contact you without having to go searching through your website, or ending up in you direct message filter folder.

Head to your settings at the top of your profile page, then scroll down towards the bottom, you’ll see a button giving you the option to switch to a business profile. Hit that and follow the steps.

Easy as pie.

Make The Most Out Of Your Link

I’m going to cover this in a lot more depth in a future post so…

For now, all you need to know is your link should go to a landing page that is optimized to convert visitors into buyers.


You should make sure that your link doesn’t look in the slightest bit like spam.

For example, this looks like spam:

You’ve got no idea where it goes…other than it says …but…some links can look a lot worse than this, when they might have perfectly good intentions.

You see…all those numbers, equals signs, ampersands and random words make you question.

But THIS doesn’t look like spam:

See that? You know where you’re going, you’ve got a good idea what you’re gonna see and you can be pretty sure you can trust the link. And that trust, is key for being able to effectively sell services on Instagram.

Videos Still Rule



Like the section on giving tips, you can show what you do, in your own unique way, by using a video.

If you’re a coach, take a video of some of your clients.

Or…if you’re a personal trainer, show the progress of the people you train.

And…if you’re a chef, show your best dishes being prepared.

I’m sure you get the point.

Basically, you can use a video to show results of what you do – show how your customers benefit from the work you do.

And as a result of all that, you can show videos of testimonials. What have your customers loved about working with you? What results did they get? Would they recommend you?

Ask them to give a testimonial and most will be willing to. Just remember…ANY testimonial you use needs to be 100% real and genuine. But, I’m sure you knew that already, right?

Videos work. Period. So go out, make some videos, upload them, and see what your audience think.

Your possibilities here are pretty endless…if…you can be creative.

Breaking News

Possibly the best way to now sell your services on Instagram is using Instagram live video.


First, you get to engage with your audience on a more personal level, in real time. Now, I’m not going to even mention the fact that people love watching other people live their lives…but…it seems to me, you could take advantage of that fact right there.

Then, you could hold a good ol’ Q&A where your customers, followers, or potential audience can drop questions into that little comment box…and…you can reply instantly. That smells to me like you could knock people off that fence their on if they’re “thinking about buying”.

And finally…I saved the best for last: You can use instagram live to inject a bit of sales psychology into your marketing plan.

A typical reply thrown at me at this point is something like: “Uh, what?”

Man oh man, I shouldn’t be giving this away for free…but…what the hell, I’m feeling generous. Let me put it this way: the very act of being “live” makes people want to tune in.

You hijack their brain and activate an automatic response of them watching and paying attention to what you have to say – aka you got their attention.

Then, let them know what you do and throw a few benefits at them of what they’d get by working with you – you got their interest.

Now, you hit them hard with the best promotion or discount you’ve ever given…and…to really bring home the bacon…you tell them this discount only applies to people who get in now – while you’re live. If they don’t take action now, they miss the chance at that price.

Tell them again about more benefits…lay it on thick…and repeatedly ask for action.

Look at that…did we just sell services on Instagram? Uh, yeah we did.

So, next up…

How To…

This one should be easy.

Your customers will pretty much hand this type of content to you on a silver platter. They’re basically gonna help you sell to other customers. *Jaw drops*

All you have to do is share a photo or video of a common issue – then provide solutions either in the caption, in the post, or in your next post.

So here’s an example:

A customer asks how to use a certain feature on Photoshop – you, being a designer, shows them. Now, you might think that they’re not gonna stay a customer for long if you keep helping them, but…

If someone approaches that customer asking for a Photoshop expert, 9 times out of 10 they’re gonna think of you. They’ll give your name.

And before you know it. You have an army of people referring new customers to you.

Easy peasy.

Before we get into what you should do next…let’s sum up how to sell services on Instagram:

  1. Share content your customers want to see
  2. Educate your audience
  3. Leverage your location
  4. Switch over to a business profile
  5. Make the most of your link
  6. Use videos as much as you can
  7. Use Instagram live for offers
  8. Create how to posts and content

What Should You Do Now?

You need to pick a few (or all) of these tips to sell services on Instagram. Go back through them and make a plan for each. That way, you know you’re following it step by step.

You’ll probably find one or two pieces get more engagement from your customers.

Once you see that, stick with those more often and you’ll soon have clients lining up at your door, Starbucks in hand, ready to throw money at you.

P.S. – If you’re still struggling to get more followers…or…you’ve hardly got any at all yet…then make sure you check out our article to get 500 followers on Instagram in less than 14 days



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