The Big Low-Down On Semrush vs Long Tail Pro

Semrush Vs Long Tail Pro - Insta Secrets

If you’re trying to decide between Semrush vs Long Tail Pro …and…you have no idea what to choose or why to choose it…then you’re reading the right article.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t this an Instagram secrets website? Why are we talking about keywords?”

Here’s the reason:

You should have a blog. I don’t care what you’re doing – in 2018, the number one way for you to get away from your 9-5 is to start an online business…and…the cheapest way to start a profitable online business is with a blog.

Then, the way to take that blog, strap a jet engine to it…and…start making money as fast as possible…is with keyword research.

Sure, I know that you can direct your Instagram audience to your blog, so you get points for that. But whether you like it or not, blogs live and die on Google – that’s usually where most of your readers will come from, and the keyword research helps you to know exactly what they’re looking for.

At this point, the mention of “traffic”…and…”Google”…and…”keyword research” is often enough to make even professional bloggers pull their hair out. But, getting traffic from search engines doesn’t have to be this incredibly difficult, infuriating, eyeball-straining task.

In fact, it can be easy. Really easy.

You just need to choose the right weapon in the fight against your competitors… and… your fragile rankings.

I mean, can you imagine losing out your main traffic source to a competitor. Just because you decided to ignore the tools that they’ve started using. There’s always someone at your heels trying to take what’s yours.


Either you’re the one on top trying to stay on top…or…you’re the one who’s trying to steal that top spot.

Either way, your goals are the same. Getting to number one.

And, you know the top search result gets most of the clicks, right?

You do? Good.

So you know how important it is to be that top result. Let’s take a look at the tools that can put you there, but first, I want to tell you why you should even consider these tools.


The Main Benefit: Your Time

You see, your time is the most important thing you have when it comes to your assets. And, whether you like it or not, you do have to decide where you should spend your time. Sure, you could choose to spend it on hours of endless keyword guessing games and shooting blindly at which competitor is best to target…but…does that sound like what you got in this for?

To be manually stalking your competition like the creepy high school kid in almost every teenage movie?

No, you don’t want that.

You want to be sip a nice cold drink on a beach while your business is on autopilot.

Well, this tool gives you as close to autopilot as you’re gonna get. Especially when you combine your blog with your Instagram audience…it becomes silly easy.

And, honestly…

It’s Kinda’ Fun

Because, while your competitors are busy wasting their time manually using free tools and searching high and low for their next blog idea. You’ve gone in, found some ultra-valuable keywords, written a blog post and bounced it onto your website before they’ve even spat out a title.

Not to mention the fact it feels wrong in all the right ways. I mean, should you actually have access to all of your enemy’s secrets? Should you be able to see all of these hidden secrets that no one else can? Should you use it to leap-frog them on Google and steal all of their hard-earned customers?

The answer: Yes. You really should.

Sure, there’s a cost involved. But for what you get, you’d be crazy to not set aside a little bit of money every month to work on your dream.

Forget your pension or 401K… throw that money at growing your website and business and instead, drive round in a Ferrari in a years time because you own your entire niche.


Who Should Use These Tools?

To be honest, anyone who has a website or online presence should use these tools…but…not everyone will.

Now, that can either be of benefit to you…or…if you decide not to use it, it’s of benefit to your competitors.

You see, as a blogger or business owner, these tools help you to keep track of your website performance and gain an inside-track on growing your traffic and profits. So, if you fall into any of the categories below, these tools are for you (be sure to check out the benefits of each tool given later because they might just surprise you):

  • Bloggers
  • Online business owners
  • Local business owners
  • Digital marketers
  • Anyone involved in advertising for a website or online retailer
  • Social media managers

Oh, but before anything else and…


Before You Skim On Down The Page…

A friend of mine once told me about a time he lost a lot of money trading on the stock market. He’d done the usual thing of reading a few books and thinking he knew what to do.

But…after a few winning streaks, I kinda bought into it too. Well, at least, I started to believe him.

Thank god I didn’t put any money in. It turned out, he was just getting lucky. In fact, he might as well have tried to win the lottery because the odds of him winning so often were unheard of. Granted, they weren’t big wins…but…they were still wins. And they were consistent.

But, it turns out, he was “skim reading” all of the material. He missed vital steps that he should have taken to protect himself from a big loss. And what happened, he lost it all. He actually had to move in with his parents again for a while because he couldn’t afford the rent.

Since that day, I’ve made sure…I read…I don’t skim.

Alright, enough of that.

Let’s find out about the first part of Semrush vs Long Tail Pro…



The all-in-one market domination tool for only the best, and most beautiful, marketers out there…

Convinced yet? No? Okay. Well, on a more serious note:

Semrush is a competitor-intelligence tool, which basically translates to mean, it gives you the lowdown on what your enemy is up to. (Or enemies depending on how hostile you are. Here’s a tip: be hostile. It’s boring being too friendly.)


What Are The Benefits Of Semrush?

  • Hijack your competitors traffic and send a flood of new customers to YOUR website instead of theirs.
  • Stop any up-and-coming bloggers from stealing YOUR top spot!
  • Go after a worldwide audience by exploring multinational and multilingual environments!
  • Know exactly which keywords your competitor targets regularly so you can target the same…and…position yourself as the go-to source of information
  • Use the Floyd Mayweather trick and only pick fights you know you can win by setting side by side domain comparisons. So you can see which competitor to take on next
  • Find the holy grail(s) of search traffic – low competition keywords. These can bring you easy traffic with almost no effort. (Plus, you get to stay top-dog for longer)
  • Take your battle-plan offline, so you can strategize on the beach, by using the PDF reports
  • Keep it mobile by having the ability to track anything, from any location in the world
  • Strangle out any local competition and make damn sure they know this town is only big enough for one of you
  • Spot problems before they cripple your website using the SEO analysis tool to check site health
  • “Don’t spend time fixing a broken toenail if you just broke your leg” – Prioritize SEO issues and decide what to fix first!
  • Find out which social media campaigns work best and track it all in the same dashboard!
  • Is your site getting the love it deserves? Use the backlink monitor to find out!
  • Steal backlinks from competitors by seeing who links to their articles, reaching out to them quietly, and offering to provide them with an awesome resource/favour/whatever!
  • Stomp out any disease that may be quietly affecting your website performance…and… destroying your rankings…using the Google ranking factors analysis!
  • NEVER again “blindly” search for the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns. Plus, virtually guarantee every campaign is profitable from now on!
  • Some of your pages may get a lot of love and you won’t even know it…now you can find them, and share that love with all of your other page!
  • Watch your competitors ad spend shoot through the roof while they try to “buy” their seat at the table by uncovering their ad strategies and budgets!
  • Semrush gurus will show you how to burn your competitors and “legally steal” their business!

OK, so what’s the catch? Well, like any tool worth it’s salt. The catch is the price. But…

What would you pay for this kind of intelligence?

I mean, if you knew that you’d get just one of those benefits above, what would you pay?

If you could just:

  • Save your website from any problems that could end up in it losing it’s Google ranking completely
  • Steal traffic from your customers without breaking ANY rules at all
  • Watch your profits go up and up and up because you’re spending nothing to acquire thousands of new customers every year

Let me ask you this: Would you spend $250 a month to get back $500 in profit?

How about $500 a month to get back $1000 in profit?

You see, some of the keywords you can find and target will bring in returns like that, and more. But to put virtual icing on the cake, you’re not gonna spend $500 a month on this tool…and…you’re not gonna be spending $250 either.

Here are the pricing plans:

Semrush Prices

Now, I know a review wouldn’t be complete without giving you all of the bad parts about the tool, so, in the interest of full and complete honesty.


What Are The Cons Of Semrush?

  • The overwhelming amount of information can paralyse you
  • The keyword difficulty score is unreliable sometimes, especially when put next to Long Tail Pro
  • They could improve the user experience on the dashboard – sometimes it’s hard to know where you need to go to find what you’re looking for

You know, that last bullet point got me thinking, I know this is a review, well, it’s an answer to Semrush Vs Long Tail Pro …but…maybe I should show you…


How To Use Semrush

I’ll be honest, it’s fairly easy to get to grips with this one.

OK, it’s very easy…it’s almost…too…easy…at first. Like they’re trying to give you a false sense of security. It’s not until you throw your URL into the innocent-looking box that all hell seems to break loose and you’re left with what looks like a stock-trading sheet.

Here’s what I mean: Starts off beautiful…

Semrush Home Screen - Semrush Vs Long Tail Pro - Keyword Research Tool Review - Insta Secrets


See that? Lovely.

Then, we throw in a keyword we’d like to check out…


Semrush Dashboard - Semrush Vs Long Tail Pro - Keyword Research Tool Review - Insta Secrets

Semrush Dashboard 2 - Semrush Vs Long Tail Pro - Keyword Research Tool Review - Insta Secrets


Well gawdamn.

What the hell happened?

Well, to save you from any pain right now, here’s a watered down version of how to use Semrush.

The keyword research tab is where you’ll want to head first. This is where you should base all of your research. What do I mean by that?

Well, let me put it this way: You should NEVER stop researching your keywords.

In fact, you should treat it like you’re Leonardo Dicaprio in Inception and research keywords within keywords within keywords…because…that’s where the magic happens. That’s where you’ll find the untapped traffic potential.


Make a note of any keywords you like the look of, then simply put those keywords into the tool and check those out too. Rinse and repeat until you’ve got a boat-load of new keywords you can quickly target, write articles for, then… sit back and count the money.

As much as I’d like to pretend all’s well…

Like I said, sometimes Semrush doesn’t give you the true competitiveness of keywords, and honestly, that can be a pain in the ass…but…you can easily check out each keyword before you write an article to see what the competition is like on the first page of Google. Here’s a tip: Use Mozbar.

Now listen up: Make sure the top search results of each keyword are either blogs, forums or social media pages. Basically anything that is content based instead of an online store.

If you try to rank an article for the keyword Nike Trainers – you could have the highest domain blog on the internet, you’re still not gonna get a look at the top spot because people who search those words, want to buy Nike Trainers…10/10 times. (Probably.)

The point is, it’s not the keyword to target with a blog.

But… “How to clean trainers” is probably a better example.

Go ahead, throw that in Semrush and see what it spits out for you.

By the way – I didn’t do this so I have no idea what’s gonna show up.

BUT WAIT! Don’t do it right now, jeez, what did I say earlier about making sure you actually read from now on?!

Up next: The other half of Semrush vs Long Tail Pro …obviously…it’s…


Long Tail Pro

Ok, so, another tool…but…how’s it any different from Semrush? Why am I even bothering talking about this one? I mean, you’re probably pretty sold on Semrush by now, right?

Don’t worry, I’m not that easy to fool…

You want the whole picture and that, my friend, is the best damn way you can be when it comes to what you’ll spend your money on.

Long Tail Pro is hands-down one of the best keyword research tools on the market today. In fact, they’ve pretty much had that reputation the whole time they’ve been around.

And for good reason. I mean, they scrape a lot of data from Google’s Keyword Planner…but…imagine the keyword planner on steroids. You see, the problem with Google’s tool is: Everyone else searches…and finds…the same group of keywords. And, since they mostly want advertisers, they lean in favour of keywords with successful ads behind them – compared to keywords that you want to rank organically for.

Enter, Long Tail Pro. The tool that sniffs out low competition keywords and spits out the competitiveness with an almost pinpoint accuracy. Which means you get to move onto content creation (aka Google domination) as soon as possible. And, you’re not competing with the millions of other bloggers who haven’t moved on from the Keyword planner yet because they can’t face another break up.

You see, the more savvy marketers out there went through with that break up a long time ago, and believe me, it was an upgrade. Like…a real…big…upgrade. No crying in the shower about failed relationships here.


What Are The Benefits Of Longtail Pro?

  • Aim your sights on only the most profitable niches…and…the most profitable keywords in those niches!
  • Easily create targeted campaigns primed for Google. (This is like strapping a rocket to your traffic-ometer…if…you can spare the money for ads!)
  • See dollar signs for every keyword by keeping a keen-eye on the value column – a readout of what the top search result is worth in income from ads!
  • Instantly “drill-down” to find the perfect keyword for your next blog post…no matter how many results you’ve collected!
  • Hunt down those “almost cheating” keywords that are so easy to rank for…you’ll waste most of your time laughing.
  • Never make the costly mistake of going into the wrong niche – this could save you bags of time and money!
  • Find out “everything” there is to know about any exact-match keyword. (This is information you’ll struggle to find anywhere else!)
  • Earn a ton more money with adsense by seeing the CPC on every keyword. (A wet-dream for niche site owners who monetise using display ads!)
  • Combine the last 2 points to optimize conversions on ANY landing page. (This is the new way to earn big profits online!)
  • Find out exactly who…and what…you’re up against on the first page of Google. (This alone gives you a drastic edge over most marketers!)
  • Never again suffer from “bloggers block” – with keyword suggestions for every niche, it’s almost impossible to run out of content ideas!
  • Always keep the competitive edge and stay ahead because a team of experts (who are also active marketers and bloggers) support, maintain…and…update the tool regularly – especially when there’s a Google update.
  • Slash the time it takes to do keyword research! It’ll take seconds to get hundreds of results…so you can get back to doing more important things…like earning money…or…world domination. Whatever.
  • Instantly discover how easy…or hard…it is to steal the top spot on Google for any keyword. (Most people make a big mistake here and waste time writing articles that won’t ever have a chance at seeing any search traffic!)
  • Remember: Google isn’t “The Internet.” Both Bing and Yahoo give you opportunities to boost your reach…so…it’s a good job you can check rankings on all 3.
  • Quickly eliminate “time-wasting” results that will do nothing for your content plan! (Something I would happily pay full price for even if it was the only feature!)

Plus waayyy more…but…those were the benefits that jumped out at me. So, see what you think about the Semrush vs Long Tail Pro battle by grabbing the free trials.

Again, the catch here is the price (obviously), but, it’s actually cheaper than it was. They now offer these plans:


Pretty sweet deal for all those benefits if you ask me. But anyway, where was I? Oh yeah…

What Are The Cons Of Long Tail Pro?

Here goes:

  • The web based version that is now in full go-mode has request limitations…and…that…slows you down slightly.
  • Being relatively new, it has bugs. I know all software has bugs but they do seem to crop up often at times. Maybe it’s when they’re testing out new features? I don’t know. But at one point, I had to contact support because the tool seemed to fall over on me and I lost a few days. (Turns out this was just a caching issue. So, if it happens to you, just clear your browser cache!)
  • The user experience isn’t great. To be honest, sometimes it’s frustrating and I do the ol’ *throw my hands up in anger* thing that you see on cartoons and in movies.
  • It’s also annoying if you ever accidentally forget to change your “campaign” before searching for keywords in a different niche. Several times I’ve realised too late and ended up with completely irrelevant keywords in a pile that was previously pin-point accurate. (Easy way around this…don’t be forgetful like me.)
  • The biggest drawback is the monthly keyword search volume. This is sort of a credit system where every month, you’re given a maximum amount of 10,000 keywords (on the lowest plan). This all sounds good but, obviously you will still pick up keywords that are unusable so a lot of those credits end up wasted.
  • And finally, obviously, Long Tail Pro has pretty much just the one feature…keyword research. That’s not always a bad thing because it does it very, very well. But still…it’s not a “complete” package.

Okay, so now that’s out of the way.

Let’s take a look at…

How To Use Long Tail Pro

Okay, so get this: Long Tail Pro have recently switched to an online hosted version (it used to be a desktop download), and let me tell you, it’s sooo much better now.

LTPro - Semrush Vs Long Tail Pro


Obviously, there’s a trial version so you can try all this out, but if you head over there, throw in some seed keywords and see what Long Tail throws back at you.

My guess, it’ll impress ya. Instantly.


Obviously, your version will have keywords in there…but I’m not here to find keywords for you so I’ve hidden some of the juicy ones!

There are a few things you can mess around with such as filtering results based on keyword competitiveness or search volume or the presence of a certain word or the number of words in the query. Whatever.

The point is, you want to use these filters to focus that laser even more, to the point where you’re burning a nice hole in your blog. Or your competitors blog. I don’t know. Just go with me here.

Basically, the more effort you put into squeezing every last drop of goodness out of this tool, the better your keyword results will be…and…the better your blog will be – you’ll have a load more traffic.

Anyway, once you’ve had some keyword suggestions spat back at you: You’ll want to check the keyword competitiveness of them all. My advice, especially if your blog is under DA50 – aim for a score of less than 40. Always.

You’re gonna struggle to rank for anything with a higher score because usually you’re playing against blogs that rake in millions of dollars a year and have an army of writers at their disposal. By the time you’ve put up an article, they’ll have written 10 and they’ll have driven a bunch of traffic to it who happily link to it like they’re sucking up to the teacher.

Beyond that, I’ll point you to the ever-almighty YouTube…or…that beautiful looking comment section at the bottom of the page.

So, what’s the deal?

The Answer To The Big Question:
Semrush Vs Long Tail Pro

Now, in an ideal world, when it comes to Semrush vs Long Tail Pro …I’d tell you to buy both of these tools…but…I know usually you want one or the other. Both wasn’t really what you came here for. And, I’m willing to bet that even though I’ve just recommended it, your eyes have probably rolled over at the thought of trying to learn and use both.

I know mine did the first time I read a post recommending that.

But, if you’ve got another 60 seconds spare I’ll tell you why I think you should go for both:

Basically, there are two types of keyword research:

  • Traditional Keyword Research
  • Competitor-Based Keyword Research

Now hear this…both approaches work…and…both approaches have their benefits…so…considering I believe your keyword research should be at the front of your online strategy, I can’t really choose one over the other.

The fact is, you NEED both to truly dominate and crush your competitors. Both would increase your rankings faster than one alone. Both would give you the tools and weapons to find the hot-buyer-ready traffic that you need to truly grow your business.

BUT…if you held a gun to my head and said choose one or the other…

I’d Go With Semrush

At the end of the day, competitor based research means you have less thinking to do…you’re pretty much handed the keys to your niche with content ideas, what’s working, what’s failing, who to target, who to ignore…and that…means you get a faster start when it comes to dominating Google.

Anyway, my suggestion right now is:

Take a FREE Trial!

…Of both tools. Try them out, see which gives you better data. Then as soon as you’ve made the decision which one works best for your website, cancel the loser and stick with the winner. (Obviously report back here which one you chose, if nothing else I want to know who’s coming out on top in this review.)

Here is Semrush:


And here’s Long Tail Pro:


Head over to both websites now (don’t worry they should open in new tabs), sign up for your free trial and then spend some time playing around on them. Make sure to sign up to both first because starting the trials together will help you to make a fast decision on which tool actually benefits you more.

You see, the more you wait around to get started, the longer you’re on the losing side of this game, your competitors might have already chosen their tool and they might be hot on your heels…or…widening the gap between you.

So take the trial, pick one, and stick with it.

P.S. – If keyword research is something that you’d like to know more about, let me know in the comments below and I’ll start pumping out some helpful articles on that topic. You see, I’ve been in this game for a few years now (always under an alias)…but…I’ve got more than one string to my bow. And anything I can do to help you move closer to your goals is on the table. You’ve just gotta let me know what you need to see. So, throw a comment below if you found this review on Semrush vs Long Tail Pro helpful and if there’s anything else on your mind!


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