Quick Tips To Find The Top Influencers In Your Niche

Top Influencers In Your Niche - Top Influencers on Instagram - Find Top Influencers

Finding the top influencers in your niche is a little hack that can help pull your Instagram account up to the next level. But, the question is: Why would you do it?

Well, maybe you’re stuck for content ideas…

Maybe you want to spy on competitors…

Or maybe you want to land yourself on the radar of the biggest accounts in your niche…

Imagine one of the biggest pages in your industry sharing one of your posts. Talk about making a big splash.

So, the question is: How do you find them?

There’s actually a few ways…and each have their own benefits.


Thru The Keyhole


A lot.

But. If it’s in your budget – buy it. Today.

Keyhole lets you track all the Instagram posts containing your hashtags or keywords, in real-time. The website doesn’t really do a good job of telling you how this actually benefits you, so…

I’ll tell you right here instead.

By tracking hashtags for your niche, you can see, in real-time, what your audience is responding to.

I know, I know…still not a benefit. So why does that matter to you?

Because your audience will probably be responding to the big influencers. And if not. If no big influencers are in sight here, there’s always the handy little influencers tab on the left side of the screen.

This’ll give you a list of influencers for that specific hashtag.

And before you jump on me…we aren’t affiliated with Keyhole…we don’t get anything for promoting them. But…

It’s damn helpful so we’ve still put in the good word.

Search Keywords The Old Fashioned Way

These next few involve a bit more work on your part. (I wonder how many people hit the close button in panic when they saw the word work.)

This is as simple as opening up your Instagram app. Heading over to the explore page. And typing in your keyword.

Then, you’ve just gotta open up the first 20 or so accounts you see. Make a note of their size and engagement on their latest few posts and voila. You’ve found em.

Pro tip: Take the name of those accounts and throw it into both SocialBlade and Ink361
SocialBlade will show you if they’re a growing account.
Ink361 will show you their engagement rate and their most popular posts.

Yeah. It’s that easy. You’re welcome.

Search Hashtags



Bet it feels like I’m sucking you down a rabbit hole here – cos’ this one’s more work again…

*Waits for the room to empty a bit more*

Ah well, as long as you’re still with me.

Searching hashtags, at the right time, can be rewarding. At the wrong time, it’s a pain in the ass.

So what’s the right time?

Well I’d avoid peak times: people who use fake likes can skew the results slightly.

But an hour or so after peak time can leave the top 9 posts as those from major influencers. Note down those influencers and you’re good to go.

Sweet, found ‘em again.

What You Should Do Right Now

Pick one of these ways to find influencers.

Then simply find your top 10 influencers.

Reach out to them, like and comment on their posts, use them for inspiration. Whatever you do with it, just find the top 10. Trust me…

It helps.



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