A Couple Of Easy Ways To Track Your Instagram Bio Link

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“You can’t manage what you cant measure.” Take that piece of advice and think about why you should maybe track your bio link…

You see, measuring your progress is one of the key steps to success…in anything.

Want to lose weight? Measure your weight loss.

Want to get stronger? Measure your progress using heavier weights.

Want to ace your exams? Measure your knowledge with tests.

We do it everywhere else in life, but when it comes to our online biz, our minds go blank. We ignore the one thing that tells us what’s working…and what we should quickly chop.

Got it? Good.

Now I can get into what I’m actually here to say.


If One More Person Calls It “Prime Real Estate…”

…I swear I’m gonna lose it.

For anyone lucky enough to have not read this on literally every other blog out there: I’m talking about the one website link you’re given by the Instagram gods. Generous, right?

How you use it, is up to you.


There’s a few things to think about.


First, Make Sure Your Link Doesn’t Look Spammy

This is where the link you’re using has some long mumbo jumbo at the end of your domain name. Something like this:


What do you notice about this link?

Its not clear, is it? You don’t have a clue where it goes, or what you’ll see on the other side. Bottom line – you don’t trust it.

And if you don’t trust it, you’re a hell of a lot less likely to click on it. So, guess what?

The Click Thru Rate (CTR) of THAT link is going to be pretty crappy. Especially when you compare it to something like this:




See how much better that looks? They all head to the exact same place…but…those last two links just make you feel a little bit better. Now we actually have something that people will want to click on.

By the way, if you want to learn a little more about why you need to stop Instagram spam in it’s tracks, head over to our other blog post here.

So, that means you either need to fix your links to look good from the start…or you use one of these awesome tools to do it for you.

(Now, I know that may seem like I’m not even talking about how to track your bio link…but…that’s a built in feature of these tools.)

Pretty Links

This is only gonna work if you have a WordPress website.


Because it’s a plugin you install onto your WordPress dashboard.

Trust me, it sounds more complex than it is, but I wont be diving into the ins and outs of WordPress and plugins right now.

For those who have WordPress, here’s what you need to do:

Search for Pretty Links in your “add new” plugin dashboard:

Then Install it:

Activate it:

Click Add New Link:

Enter your target URL (This is where you want to send people to):

Choose your pretty link:

Pro Tip: make sure it matches the page they’re gonna see. For example “example.com/start-now” should go to a page about starting now – not a page about advanced fishing techniques.

Then click create.

Open up Pretty Links from the dashboard to see the tracking for each link. This is the part you should keep a keen eye on. Remember: you need to know how effective your bio is, so track it.

And If You Don’t Have WordPress?

This is where the beauty of bitly comes in.

You can use it for any affiliate or influencer links you want to track. (Obviously you could still use it for WordPress or your own website.)

With the lack of WordPress comes the added ease of set up. And by ease, I mean easy peesy.

Head over to bit.ly

Or you can sign up for free using either an email address of your Facebook profile.

Once you’ve done this you’ll land in your own dashboard.

Cool, right?

Then all you need to do is hit “Create Bitlink”

Paste in your target URL and voila, there is your bitlink.

Now when it gives you a link, it’ll have a bunch of random letters and numbers after it…which…might still feel a bit spammy to some people. But that’s why you have the option to customize the given link.

But remember, your link still has to be unique…and still has to match where you’re taking them.

Like the example I showed.


But…What’s The Point?

Well, it’s simple: having measurable data because you track your bio link will help put you ahead of your competitors…and…will probably convert into a nice boost in sales. If you know what to do with the data of course…

Anyway, testing is a must.

At least, it is if you ever hope to make a small fortune through your page.


P.S. – There’s always a next step that you could be making to push you even further. Right now, I’d say your best bet is finding out how to use Instagram live to rake in more followers.


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