Which Is The Best Selfie Light for iPhone?


If you wanna become the Queen of Selfies… or you just wanna take decent selfies for your Instagram then you need the Best Selfie Light for iPhone out there.

Long gone are the days of the flash from your phone taking up half of the photo you took in the bathroom mirror (don’t be shy, we’ve all been there…)

Now you can take a selfie in complete darkness with the help of one of these little lifesavers!

But wait… Don’t just randomly pick one… because there are loadssss of them out there… and yes they all look the same (well, pretty much)…but guess what… they aren’t.

Yup, I know. Why isn’t life simple?

It sounds like a lot of work scouring the internet for them and reading up on them all doesn’t it?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that once again I’ve done the hard work for you.

Drum roll please…

Here are 12 selfie lights so you can choose:


The Best Selfie Light For iPhone

1. Qiaya Ring Light

Qiaya Ring Light - Best Selfie Light For iPhone

This ring light comes in black and white and has three levels of light settings to use depending on how light or dark your surroundings are. The ring is designed to lighten you and darken everything behind you, so the focus of your selfie will always be you.

It’s small and pretty light so you can take it with you wherever you go! Clip it to the inside of your bag or jacket pocket and you’re ready for that selfie in seconds.

No searching for batteries either or carrying spares in your handbag – this light is rechargeable via USB, so you can even recharge it in your car!


2. Socialite Mini LED Ring Light

Socialite Ring Light - Best Selfie Light for iPhone

Whether you’re taking selfie photos or videos, the Socialite ring light makes sure you can take the best possible photos in low light or complete darkness.

With 32 LED bulbs this ring light creates the perfect lighting for your selfies, giving an almost halo effect around your face. This is perfect for makeup shots or makeup tutorials and the bulbs stay cool even when your selfie game is hotting up (see what I did there…).

3 brightness levels let you choose how bright you need the light and only 2 AAA batteries are needed to operate it.


3. Ingenious Selfie Ring Light

Ingenious Ring Light - Best Selfie Camera for iPhone

Perfect for the iPhone but also compatible with all smartphones, this Ingenious light is super easy to use. Simply clip the light onto the top of your phone, turn it on with one click and it’s ready!

Switch through the 3 different light settings by pressing the power button up to 3 times (3 times is for maximum brightness).

Whether you’re in a dark club, or camping in the middle of a forest, you’ll never be without the perfect selfie using this light.

Small and compact it can be carried in your handbag or even your pocket and it’s 36 LED bulbs provides the perfect supplement to natural lighting. All it needs is 2 AAA batteries to function.


4. Bidafun Clip on Selfie Ring Light

Bidafun Ring Light - Best Selfie Camera for iPhone

Take awesome pictures in the darkest places with these 36 LED bulbs packed inside this super compact and lightweight ring light – the Bidafun.

The ring shape helps the light radiate evenly onto your face and the clip has a silicone rubber edging to prevent scratching whilst clipped to your phone.

The bulbs are energy saving and long life so don’t worry about replacements. Super light weight plastic but durable so won’t get damaged if it’s thrown in your bag!


5. Demetory Ring Fill Light

Demetory Ring Light - Best Selfie Light for iPhone

Available in pink, light pink, sky blue and white, this ring light is the perfect addition to your phone. You can choose your favourite colour or a colour to match your phone.

Made with 24 LED bulbs, take the perfect selfies which highlight your eyes and face in all the right places (show off that highlight girls!)

When the light is fully charged you can take up to 1000 photos – then simply recharge with USB cable.


6. Raphycool Selfie Light

RC Ring Light - Best Selfie Camera for iPhone

The Raphycool light helps you take the perfect selfie, reduce red eye and makes sure you don’t look washed out.

Not only the perfect light for taking selfies whilst clipped to the front of your phone, but clip the light on backwards and you’ve got the perfect light for your back camera too! Never miss a great shot!

3 brightness levels makes this light ideal for vlogging – simply adjust the brightness by clicking the power button. And you don’t have to clip it directly onto your phone for a great shot… clip it to your tent whilst camping or even your mirror or dressing table whilst doing your makeup.

The clip has a rubbery lining so don’t worry about it scratching or sliding off your phone!

Charge the light with a USB cable.


7. Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light

Auxiwa Ring Light - Best Selfie Light for iPhone

Get that soft illuminated look without the harsh light in your selfies with this ring light. Perfect for when the camera flash just isn’t enough.

Simply clip the ring onto your phone and you’re ready to start shooting. The scratch resistant sponge around the clip makes sure your phone doesn’t get scratched whilst keeping the light firmly attached to your phone.

Whether you’re taking videos in the dark or just need that extra lighting for the perfect selfie, this is what you need!


8. Myriann Selfie Ring Fill Light

Myriann Ring Light - Best Selfie Camera for iPhone

This ring light is super easy to use and has 3 different brightness settings so you can always get that perfect selfie lighting no matter where you are.

36 long lasting LED bulbs give that extra light you need when the light conditions aren’t great.

Squeeze the top of the light together to open the clip and attach it to your phone and take the perfect selfie in seconds.


9. LuMee Duo – The Original and Authentic Patent Protected Selfie Case

Lumee Phone Case Light - Best Selfie Light for iPhone

Developed by a professional photographer, the Lumee has studio quality lighting so whether you’re in dim lighting or in the dark you can still capture your professional looking selfie on your iPhone.

Available in black matte, gold matte or rose matte, this is the perfect selfie case for iphone. The soft case fits perfectly onto your phone and also helps protect your phone with its rubberised edges and protective corners.

LED lighting surrounds the front and back of the phone to give a softer, more natural light on any occasion.

The case has a rechargeable battery and comes with a charging cord.


10. Ubeesize Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder

Selfie Ring Light With Phone Holder - Best Selfie Light for iPhone

This light is a little bit special – not only is it a ring light to capture the selfie in the dark, but it’s also a phone holder. So forget standing with you arm stretched out as far as you can go, trying to take a selfie with your friends… This little beauty solves that problem. Simply hook your phone into the flexible stand, take a step back and smile!

It has a 24 inch strong long arm which can bend into any shape and a rotating bracket clip to clip your phone to.

With 3 different light colours and 10 brightness settings (Yes ladies, I said 10!), this will give the perfect light not only for selfies but also product shots, flat lays and vlogging.

It’s powered by USB so no batteries are needed.


11. KIMI Selfie Light Case

Kimi Ring Light - Best Selfie Camera for iPhone

Choose from black, white or rose gold, add this cute case to your iPhone and be prepared to selfie anywhere!

This case will not only protect your phone from damage but also provides the bright light you need for those selfies. No need to carry around an extra accessory to lighten up your selfie game any more…

The case is super slim so won’t add any bulk to your phone. And you should still be able to fit it into your pocket! And you can still access all of your phone’s ports (headphones/charging etc.) with the cutouts in the case.

It’s super simple to use and the brightness can be altered with just a touch… What more could you want?


12. Apsung 2 in 1 Cell Phone Lens

Apsung iPhone Camera Lens Light - Best Selfie Light for iPhone

Clip this lens over the camera on your iPhone and choose from three brightness levels – low, medium or high.

This lens is smaller than most of the other clips but as it’s a lens it can help you capture wide angle shots WITH the additional LED lighting. So ladies, this is the perfect light for those group shots and you’ll no longer be worrying about who’s going to be cut off the end!

It has a 10x micro lens to help you capture clear photos in awesome detail whilst minimising dark corners and other light effects for better photos.

Charge the lens via USB.


The Best Selfie Light for iPhone

So there we have it, 12 of the best selfie lights out there to help you decide on your Best Selfie Light for iPhone.

Now, I’m going to put it out there. I have a favourite.

Well actually I have 2… and I’m going to share these with you.

Another drum roll please…

The winners of Karen’s Best Selfie Light For iPhone are… The Ubeesize Selfie Ring light with cell phone holder…and… The Lumee Duo for iPhone.

The Lumee is perfect for when you’re out and about – you don’t have to worry about carrying an extra selfie light with you (and the separate ring lights are pretty hard to fit into a purse on a night out!).

The Ubeesize ring light and holder is a no brainer for me to use at home. It’s perfect for taking selfies up close, selfies from a distance and product shots and flat lays (one of my Insta favourites!).

So, what are you waiting for? Step up your selfie game and invest in a selfie light!

No more  standing in different parts of the girls bathroom trying to get the right light, or walking round your house trying to get the perfect balance of natural and artificial light to make your skin look flawless.

Annnnd… these also double as a spare torch, emergency light or makeup light! (You’re welcome).


Boom. Well, flash! Let me know which you think the best selfie light for iPhone is with a comment below!


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