Skyrocket Your Sales With These Black Friday Instagram Hacks


It’s that time of year again… Black Friday is upon us. And it’s the perfect opportunity to make the most of your social media accounts to bag yourself more customers and more sales… If you know how.

By the end of this post you will know exactly how to smash your social media marketing this Black Friday and Cyber Monday with these Black Friday Instagram hacks.

Black Friday Instagram - Instasecrets

Black Friday pretty much kicks off the Christmas period and is when most people make a start on their Christmas shopping. Did you know that 30% of annual retail sales happen between Black Friday and Christmas? Crazy, right?

Black Friday used to happen for only one day… the Friday following Thanksgiving. But this year businesses are getting ahead and giving their sales a kick start by slashing prices and promoting ‘special offers’ early.

According to Forbes, consumer spending over Black Friday weekend is forecast to grow by 47% from 2016 with nearly 7 in 10 consumers shopping the Black Friday weekend this year.

So to even be in with the chance of making as many sales as last year (or hopefully more), then you need to be on top of your social media game. Like seriously. You don’t wanna be left behind.

The Perfect Black Friday Instagram Campaign

It’s not just about a single advert telling everyone you’re having a Black Friday Cyber Monday event. The competition is way too high now… and it’s pretty much turning into Black November rather than Black Friday with the length of the offers getting longer and longer each year.

So… let’s talk campaigns.

The best strategy is to start early. The more people who see it, the better. And the great thing about social media is you can experiment with different posts and different messages throughout the lead up to the weekend.

An Instagram post at 9am on a Wednesday may be seen by a certain audience and then a post on a Saturday afternoon by a whole different audience. So the more you post, the better.

Now of course, post your campaign on ALL of your social media channels. The more exposure, the better chance of your customers seeing it and putting your product on their shopping list.

Out of all social media platforms, Instagram is top of the leaderboard for engagement, so Instagram is where you wanna be plastering your Black Friday ads all over…

Instagram Promotional Templates - Instasecrets

So to make sure your ads are stopping your customers in their tracks and throwing their credit cards at you, I’m gonna talk you through 8 elements which you Instagram campaign shouldn’t be without…

8 Black Friday Instagram Hacks

1. Plan your Posts and Schedule your Content.

If you’ve got a business account on Instagram (which you definitely should have if you want to make the most of your Instagram), then use this to track when your audience is most active and save the best posts for the busier times.

So, if your audience is most active on a Thursday at 7pm, use this time to post your biggest offer…. Or a sneak peak of your biggest offer. There’s no point posting that at 9am Monday if your account’s engagement is at it’s lowest then as by the time your audience come online, their feed will be swamped with hundreds or even thousands more posts and yours won’t be seen.

And plan your content. By this I mean don’t just jump in the deep end with your offer and then post the same posts over and over. Build a bit of hype. Get people intrigued… and then BAM!… show them the offer.

2. Vary your Posts

The same three posts over and over are borrrr-ing.

Yes, we know you have a Black Friday Instagram event but so what? I’ve seen that same post 4 times now. So is that the only offer you have?

Mix it up and keep content exciting and fresh. Some Instagram users might be more attracted to the ‘in-your-face’ BLACK FRIDAY EVENT posts… whereas others might engage better with a more informative graphic, like a quote post, before going on to read the caption where the offer is detailed.

Try a variety and see which works best for you. You might find that different times of the day will affect the engagement too.

Instagram Promotional Templates - Instasecrets

3. Call to Action

Involve your audience! Tell them to check your website out to prepare for your Black Friday Instagram deals or add something to your posts that will keep them guessing. This will keep them coming back to your Instagram account to keep checking if you’ve announced anything yet.

You’ll be surprised at how much more engagement posts with a call to action receive… so try it out!

4. Instagram Advertising

11% of the global internet use an Adblocker now and this grew by 30% from last year. 615 million devices worldwide now use Adblockers, so think about how many of your customers or potential customers are in those figures. I’m betting a lot of them are. So online ads are no longer the best way to be noticed… So let’s turn to Instagram.

A quick and easy way to get noticed amongst those other brands and businesses is by using sponsored posts. So choose your best Black Friday Instagram campaign posts and run them as an Ad.

You’re probably asking yourself why you need to pay for Instagram ads when hashtags can direct your customers at you, right? Well, let me tell you… 70% of Instagram posts don’t get seen.


That’s a whole lot of posts. So this makes it pretty hard for your customers to find your posts. That’s where sponsored posts come in and save the day…

Before you dive in and promote your posts, do your research. And by that I mean, check your analytics (on your business profile) and get an idea of your audience and the times they are active. Also take into account the audience which you want, but might not have yet. Consider what they would wanna see and when.

5. Urgency and Scarcity

These are two factors that every marketing campaign should have to drive sales. You need to make sure your audience will buy NOW and not wait until later. Scarcity makes sure that they buy straight away because the thought of missing out is just way too bad.

So build these into your posts. If you’re doing flash sales or hourly offers, make sure you post on Instagram before – to get people’s attention and build hype, during – to increase the scarcity and urgency by giving updates on sales, stock levels and how long the offer has left… and after – to tell others what they missed out on and give them a second chance to get their hands on it.

Big bold ‘in-your-face’ posts work best for this so make sure to include them in your Black Friday Instagram campaign.

6. Instagram Stories

Stories are the best way to upload way more content than you usually would on your Instagram feed. And because the stories only last for 24 hours, it’s perfect for flash sales and short campaigns.

Keep posting on your story, whether it’s pictures of the products on sale, videos of the products or just big ol’ adverts, keep it updated.

The more regularly you post on your story and the more people who view it, the closer your story gets to the front of the ‘story queue’ on people’s home feeds so the bigger your audience.

7. Emojis

People love emojis. Fact.

So use them in your campaign! Cramer-Krasselt studied the hashtags used on Black Friday in 2015 in 42,540 tweets and 12,166 Instagram posts… and saw that Instagram users used a total of 677 unique emojis on Black Friday posts. Isn’t that pretty much every emoji?!

The point is… emojis are popular so throw them in here, there and everywhere!

8. Hashtags

Like in everything else, hashtags are the key to unlocking all of those hidden pools of customers just waiting to find your products. Posts with hashtags get 70.14% more engagement than those with none (This was 12.6% in 2014 – hashtags are on the rise!) so use the right ones!

The right hashtags will attract your ideal customers…whereas the wrong ones can get your post seen by nobody. And we don’t want that do we? So make sure to do your research and use relevant hashtags in your Black Friday Instagram campaign.

Here’s a list to get you started:

Black Friday Hashtags - Instasecrets

Or… if you want a super quick and easy way to get your hands on relevant hashtags for your niche (and 204 others) then check out our Hashtag Playbook here.

Don’t be a ‘one-hit-wonder’

What most brands and businesses don’t consider is what happens after Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over.

Y’see promoting your products and offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn’t just impact that one weekend; you’re creating a whole new marketing campaign for the event which is your chance to attract NEW customers and promote to NEW audiences. And after that weekend will probably have new customers purely from your Black Friday Instagram marketing campaign.

So what’s next?

Keeping those new customers and turning them into loyal customers. You need to keep up with the level of quality in your marketing campaign following that weekend and follow up with new customers to make their experience awesome.

Here’s how to almost guarantee you do exactly that…

Instagram Promotional Templates - Instasecrets

Happy Black Friday Instagram!


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