Download Your Entire Instagram History


    Did you know that you can now download all of your Instagram data?

    Yup, that’s right… every comment… hashtag… photo… message…

    And it’s actually pretty simple… it doesn’t require any apps or any dodgy looking website either. Instagram does this for you if you ask nicely (click a button to request it) and then a notification is sent to your email when it is ready.

    So this secret little button which isn’t so secret anymore can be found if you follow these steps…

    1. Click the settings icon on your profile page on Instagram

    Step 1 - Download Instagram History - Instasecrets

    2. Click Privacy and Security

    Step 2 - Download Instagram History - Instasecrets

    3. Scroll down to ‘Data Download’ and click the link underneath that subheading which says ‘request data’
    (You’ll probably be asked to put in your username and password again)

    Step 3 - Download Instagram History - Instasecrets


    4. Click Request Download. Instagram will tell you that it may take up to 48 hours to collect your data and once collected it will be sent to you in an email.

    5. Check your emails! You should find an email there which looks something like this…

    Step 5 - Download Instagram History - Instasecrets

    6. Click the link in the email to take you back to Instagram and re-input your username and password.

    Step 6 - Download Instagram History - Instasecrets


    7. You’ll then see a link (or more than one link depending on how much data you have) which contains all of your information. If you click the link a zip file is downloaded.

    Step 6 - Download Instagram History - Instasecrets


    8. Open the zip file and make sure you have a program or app on your laptop which can read .JSON files. Alternatively, you can open the text files in WordPad /NotePad to view but the format isn’t great!

    Step 7 - Download Instagram History - Instasecrets

    And there you go… all of your data split nicely into separate files… one for comments, connections, contacts, likes, messages, profile, searches and settings.

    At the moment, this can only be done on the desktop site… it’s not available on mobile just yet.

    If you’re wondering why Instagram has suddenly introduced this feature… it’s not just out of the kindness of their hearts… its in line with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into play on May 25. Under the GDPR, companies must be more transparent with the data they collect from users and what they do with it. If they don’t then it’ll be a pretty hefty fine for them!

    In with the transparency of data usage, users also need to be able to provide and revoke consent when they wish and also have the ability to completely delete any data relating to them. So this is where the Instagram history download comes in… coincidence… I think not.

    And if you’re actually wanting to know how to save people’s stories on Instagram… but you’ve somehow ended up stumbling upon this post about Instagram privacy rules… well this is for you…

    You can still download anyone’s Instagram story using

    ig stories download - Download Instagram History - Instasecrets

    Simply type in the username of the account whose stories you want to save and the site will tell you how many stories are currently available and will let you download each one.

    Easy peasy! You’ll never lose that person’s Insta story again.


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