So-Called Instagram Experts Have Lied To You! Here’s How To Fix The Damage!


I’ve got to admit something. I’ve changed my mind about what I’m going to write on this last part of the series.

Why? The answer is simple. You see, in the last part, I told you that I’d tell you all about the super-easy way to find a huge list of hashtags that is basically an untapped source of Instagram goodness.

Well, I am going to tell you where to find them. But first, I’m going to take it one step further and show you something that will put you above most Instagram “experts” out there right now. You see:


Those Experts Have Lied To You

I know, I know, not what you wanted to hear. But it’s true. Here’s what I’m talking about:

First of all, one of the main ideas I try to hammer home over and over is that…hashtags open doors…but…they’re not magic. You can’t simply find a list of them, post them every day…and…expect thousands of likes and followers to flood your page. It doesn’t work like that.

Let’s stick with hashtags opening doors for a minute. If you use #instafollow – which currently has 81,281,881 posts inside – you’re opening a door to people who look for that hashtag. You probably already know that. BUT WAIT!

Before you X off this page thinking you’ve found the answer to your problems…there’s something you should know.

And that is the…


Big Mistake Most People Make When It Comes To Hashtags

Just because it has 81 Million posts, that doesn’t mean 81 Million people are ready and waiting to see your next post. Hell, it doesn’t even mean those people search for that hashtag regularly. No, what it means is that 81 Million people have used that hashtag up until now.

Do you really think people go searching for #followmeplease? No, no, no, no…NO! They don’t.

Yet 6,661,658 people have used that hashtag. In fact, I’ve seen it given as a suggestion on some Hashtag apps (which by the way, are the worst thing you could use right now for your Instagram…they’re basically like a cancer to your engagement – but I’ll talk about this later.) Onward.

So even though some “experts” suggest you go and find the most popular hashtags out there – based on the number of posts – it’s not the right thing to do.

And think about it for yourself: What I’m saying makes sense, right?

In fact, if you’re skeptical, I understand, I mean, I’m just a guy on a blog…so…go ahead and prove me right. Next time you post, somewhere in the middle of your hashtag group, make up a completely random hashtag. Something whacky. Like: #IHaveACanvasPaintingOfParisOnMyWall.

Okay, then hit post. Now, just because I posted that, you’d be able to search for it and see that there is in fact, 1 post of that hashtag.

Now, ignoring the fact that you might go off and search for it right now just to see if I’ve actually posted using that hashtag, do you really think that 1 person is regularly searching for it?

Of course not. It just means I used it once. So if my hashtag only has 1 post, but that doesn’t mean 1 person searches for it…then…it makes sense that just because 6 million people use #followmeplease…that doesn’t mean 6 million people are regularly searching for it.

So, that’s why you’re not getting the results you want from Instagram. You’re just using the wrong hashtags.

But, using the wrong hashtags doesn’t just give you crappy results. It causes other…bigger…problems for your Instagram.

Problems like:


Risking The Shadow-ban

Let me explain.

The shadow ban is an unconfirmed…but…kinda obvious punishment that Instagram has started dishing out to unsuspecting users.

It basically puts you in a “no-go” zone for a while. Which just means, your posts aren’t shown to as many people…your engagement drops…and sometimes…you lose followers.

If you’ve noticed a drop in engagement…or…a drop in the rate you’re growing at, this could be why. The reason you’re put in that “no-go” zone is simple: The hashtags you’re using set off Instagram’s alarm bells.

Look, as a platform, Instagram wants to serve good, quality content to their users. They don’t want to become some garage sale where people just throw what they want, where they want.

Again, let’s look at this logically. Why would Instagram be happy with you posting a picture of your food, a puppy, a yacht, and a selfie…then…tagging all of them with #entrepreneur #quote #motivation #luxury #goals.

Those hashtags are not relevant. There’s no reason that someone searching for #entrepreneur should see photos of your food…or…your shoes.

You might have done this, you might have seen someone else do it…but…either way, it’s not something you should just blindly keep doing. Sure, you might squeeze out a few more likes on every post, almost accidentally…but…you won’t ever pick up any loyal fans doing it.


Because your fans…and customers…like to think that you’re putting effort into what you do, just for them. They want to believe that you love what you do and you love providing them with your content.

When you think of it like that – do you imagine that they’ll be impressed when they see you using the same irrelevant group of hashtags repeatedly?

No, they’ll think something like this:

“Wow, he’s putting no effort at all into what he does…”


“She’s supposed to be a Social Media Manager? Even I could copy and paste those hashtags!”

BOTH of these look really bad on you.

So, what do we do instead? What’s the alternative?


Use A More Exclusive Set Of Hashtags

By exclusive, I just mean a set of relevant hashtags that fewer people have seen, or have access to.

I’m still talking about a set that you can just copy and paste. And, I’m still talking about a set that you use as a “seed” to find other even more specific hashtags.

At this point, most people reach for their phone, search for hashtag apps, download several, and use those for a while before being right back where they were before. (I know that, because I’ve done it.)

But there’s one huge problem with hashtag apps and lists that websites post for free…

They’re overused..and…they set off the same alarm bells as before.

Here’s some proof:

One of the more well-known hashtag apps is TagFire – a lot of those “experts” we talked about earlier recommend this one – and in September alone, it had a little less than 5,000 downloads.

It had a similar number in August…and July…and June…and so on. That app has been on the app store for years.

That means thousands upon thousands of people have use those hashtags repeatedly, on every post, and they have for years. (I don’t think it’s ever updated.)

So, how about another popular resource? TagsForLikes? Heard of it? A lot of people have. In fact, those “experts recommend this one even more often than TagFire.

And, it shows up on Google for thousands of keywords like: “hashtags for instagram”.


Just like TagFire…the hashtags they give you have been used…to death. 769,000 people every month visit TagsForLikes…and guess what? They all get given the same group of hashtags.

So, what do I mean when I say exclusive? I mean that those 769,000 people can’t just open up the website, steal the hashtags then post them every day like clockwork.

I’m sure you’re wondering how anyone would manage to keep a more exclusive list of hashtags. It’s simple – you just put a hurdle in front of them. Then, only the best type of Instagram user will jump over that hurdle to get the list.

And we know one Instagram expert out there who has a list just like that. Her list is pretty good…and…her customers have said things like: 

“I don’t know what magic potion you put in your hashtag guide but it’s working like crazy!”

I’ll tell you exactly what that magic potion is…it’s exclusive hashtags. And to be honest, we know it’s a good book because…we bought it. To check it over and, y’know…see what all the fuss was about.

But the real question is:


How Do You Think It’s Still Exclusive?

Well, she charges $49 for it…and…it only has 40 different niches inside. So the only people that buy it, are serious about using it for growth. They’re not just wanting a quick, cheap fix. They want something that will work.

That’s all great and everything…but…we thought we’d do better, so…for the next 5 days, we’re giving you a more exclusive list (because it’s brand new) of 205 hot niches.

And we’re NOT going to ask you for $49…even though we’re giving you so much more upfront.

No, for now, we’re going to ask for less.

You can get that more exclusive, brand new, list of hashtags…in exchange for…drumroll please…

Just $7.

And, before you think it…

NO! There’s no catch…because…we hate those people just as much as you. In fact, I’ll even start a hunting party with you just to go out and find them…plus, I’ll buy the pitchforks.

Anyway, the only reason we want your email address is so we know you’re serious and we know you’re the type of person who makes the most of opportunities when they come up. We only want the “grab the bull by the horns” type of people. The “seize the day” type of people. The “I’m here to win” type of people.

So, if you want it, come and get it! 

Oh, and if you’re fast…you’ll get a bunch of bonuses that I’ll bet you love just as much as the hashtag book.


P.S. – Just remember: The hashtags you’re using right now aren’t working. The ones you can get on hashtag apps and hashtag websites are over-used and will do more damage than good…and…the only way to get hashtags that work, is to find more exclusive lists of them. Plus, you might accidentally use any one of the piles of banned hashtags that Instagram instantly uses to mark you as a spammer! Make the decision to step past all of those “wannabes”!


P.P.S. – We’ve removed the Hashtag guide while we update with the most relevant hashtags at the moment! Let us know below if you want to be added to the waiting list!






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