Who Else Knows You Can Follow Hashtags on Instagram?

Follow Hashtags On Instagram

In just a few minutes you’re going to know about Instagram’s latest experiment: being able to follow hashtags on Instagram.

So, think about this for a second…

Have you ever had one of those moments when you wanna follow new people on Instagram but don’t know how to find the right ones?

Like, I wanna follow more people who post about fashion blogging… but who are these people? How do I find them?

The normal way of searching is either…
1. Start to type the key word (in this example, ‘fashion’) in the search bar and watch all the accounts with ‘fashion’ in their name show up…(which doesn’t help at all sometimes because not every fashion blogger will have it in their name.)
2. Or find a fashion blogger and click the downwards arrow on their profile (next to the follow button) to search through similar accounts and find people you like.

But that sometimes takes aaaages.

I don’t know. Maybe you just want to mix up your feed and see content from different accounts.

So how else can you find the people you really wanna follow?

Well… the problem might just have a solution.

Follow Hashtags Instagram - Insta Secrets

Instagram is currently testing out a brand new feature which lets you follow hashtags on Instagram.

Yup, you read that right… follow hashtags on Instagram

Yeah, I didn’t get it at first either.

But it’s actually pretty awesome…

So this is how it works…

When you click the search tab on the bottom (little magnifying glass) and search for a hashtag (making sure that the ‘tags’ tab at the top is selected), all of the posts which have used that hashtag will show up like normal.

Buuuut… at the top there’s a new shiny button you can click to follow the hashtag! Cool, huh?

Follow Hashtags Instagram - Insta Secrets

No one seems to know how following the hashtag will affect your feed but I think it might be along the lines of Instagram showing you more posts on your home feed which have used that hashtag, regardless of whether you follow the user or not.

Whilst the hashtag search only shows you the most popular posts and most recent posts that have used that hashtag, it can still give you an idea of who to follow.

So not only can you see the top posts in a niche for inspiration and to keep up with trends and what people love, smaller accounts can use the more recent posts to see who is posting right then and this could get the ball rolling with finding people to follow.

So you will be able to follow your interests and not just be shown content of the accounts you follow plus be kept up to date with the latest posts you need to see.

Follow Hashtags Instagram - Insta Secrets

It seems like there’s no downside to this yet… I know, I know… But that’s because there isn’t…

In the days when people are over hashtagging and using hashtags that don’t relate to their post, this has come at the right time. This little feature will help you tailor your content even more and sift through the posts which aren’t relevant to you.

Instagram regularly tries out new features on a small pool of users, to constantly try and make the app better for everyone – not all of these may be released so that’s why you might have no idea they’re even happening.

The Next Web reached out to Instagram for further information on the new feature but Instagram declined to say anything more.

No one knows who Instagram has targeted to try out the new feature but it seems to be that Instagram is only rolling this new feature out to the large…and most active accounts right now… only time will tell.

So if you’re one of the lucky ones who has this feature, give it a try and let us know what you thought in the comments below.

Let’s hope this new feature is one that’s here to stay and soon we can all follow hashtags on Instagram!


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