How To Add Location To Instagram


Adding a location to your posts is one of the underused magic tricks to get more followers. But where do you add your location? How do you add a location? And can it really increase followers…?

Let me explain.

But first… let’s go back to basics.

What Are Location Tags?

A location tag is added to a post or a story to tell your followers where you are or where the picture was taken. Simple as that.

Once you add a location tag to your post it appears at the top of the post, just underneath your username, like this…

TravelAwesome Fuji - How To Add Location To Instagram

Anyone who sees your post can then click on the location and view any other photos which have been tagged at Mount Fuji. Instagram will also show you a map with a dropped pin to tell you exactly where the location is…

TravelAwesome Fuji Location - How To Add Location To Instagram

And at the top where you can see that multi coloured circle around the image – that tells you that there is a location story. So not only can you see other posts from Mount Fuji but also any stories that people have added Mount Fuji as a location to…

[one_third_first]TravelAwesome Fuji Story - How To Add Location To Instagram[/one_third_first]

[one_third]TravelAwesome Fuji Story - How To Add Location To Instagram[/one_third]

[one_third_last]TravelAwesome Fuji Story - How To Add Location To Instagram[/one_third_last]

Cool, right? It almost feels like you’re there!

So now it’s your turn…

How Do You Add A Location On Instagram?

There’s two ways you can tag your location in your post:

  1. When you’re posting.
  2. After you’ve posted.

Okay so starting with the first one… You’ve probably seen the ‘add location’ tab hundreds of times and might have either ignored it completely (I did this for a while)…or just not known what it was for.

Well here it is… the one little thing you can add to your post which will bring in some new followers… (and hopefully customers too!).

So, once youve edited your post, written you’re awesome caption and thrown a couple of hashtags in there, click the ‘Add location’ tab just underneath your caption.

[one_third_first]Add Location - How To Add A Location On Instagram[/one_third_first]

[one_third]Add Location - How To Add A Location On Instagram[/one_third]

[one_third_last]Add Location - How To Add A Location On Instagram[/one_third_last]

Instagram will prompt you with some location choices if you’ve allowed Instagram to use your location. You can change this in settings on your phone if you need to. I would personally recommend choosing ‘Use location whilst using the app’… this way Instagram can save you time by telling you your location automatically… but it can only see this when you’re using the app and not all the time!

Now the second way to add your location is after you’ve already posted your picture. I know, I know… you can’t go back to the edit screen to add a location once you’ve posted it. Buuuut you can edit your post on your feed…

Once the post has been shared, click the three dots on the top right hand corner of the post and when the menu appears, click ‘Edit’. This will let you make changes to the caption, location and tagging AFTER it’s been posted… So that spelling mistake you made in your caption and realised after you’d already clicked post… Yup you can change that too. Life Saver!

Add Location - How To Add A Location On Instagram

So once you’ve clicked edit, simply click on the ‘Add location’ link and type your location in the search bar. Save this to your post by clicking ‘Done’.

Add Location - How To Add A Location On Instagram

Awesome… so now you know how to add a location, let’s look at how…

Adding A Location To Your Post Can Increase Followers

Like I talked about earlier on, when you click on a location, Instagram shows you all the other posts which have been tagged at that location… so simply by clicking a location you see thousands more posts which are similar to yours… which means you’ll probably have a little browse through them… and then click on a couple… and maybe click through to someone’s account…

See where I’m going with this?

If you can do that by searching a location, then other people could see your post whilst looking at a location too… IF you’ve tagged your post there!

So more people will see your posts without you having to anything more than type in your location. Easy peasy!

A study was done in 2014 which found out that people who had added a location to their posts automatically got 79% more engagement on average…


Not one or two more followers… 79%.

That’s pretty high. So add your location whenever you post and just watch your engagement grow like a weed!

Not only will this open more doors to more people who can see your post, but if you actually have a physical location, like a store, it can be an easy way to tell people where you are. People can click the location and use the map to find you.

If your account is personal – i.e. not business – I’d recommend being a bit more private with your location than if you have a business. And by private I just mean keep it more general… the last thing you want is a stalker turning up at your doorstep after you’ve just told the whole of Instagram exactly where you live… So, be smart with what you post!

Another sneaky little trick you can use to increase engagement and get more followers is…

Share Your Location In Stories

So next time you share a post to your story, tap the ‘Tab’ icon in the top right hand corner, as if you were going to add an emoji to your story…

Add Location To Story - How To Add A Location On Instagram

Click the Location icon and type in your location as normal.

Your location will appear in a little bubble on your story. To move it around, simply pinch the location image and drag it to where you want it to be and change the size by stretching it.

Add Location To Story - How To Add A Location On Instagram

The awesome thing with adding a location to your story is that your story could get added to that location’s story… Like I showed you above… when you tap on a location, and see the location had a story, yeah? Well that’s what I’m talking about. You could be on there.

I’ve been on location stories several times – it’s super easy to get on to if you take a great picture.
And that means of course… more people will see your story, and so more people could click through to your profile.

So, those are the simplest ways that tagging your location on Instagram can get you more engagement and followers.

If for whatever reason you decide you want to remove your location from a post, tap the three dots in the top right hand corner of your post again, and click Edit. Then tap the location that is already there and click ‘Remove Location’ on the pop up menu.

Easy peasy.

So now it’s your turn…

Give it a go – add your location to your posts and watch your engagement rise!


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