How to Hashtag on Instagram Without it Showing


The question on everyone’s lips… How to hashtag on Instagram without it showing …

And the solution is so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it in your sleep.

But first, why would you want to hide your hashtags on Instagram? Hashtags are what gets you seen aren’t they?

Yep, you’re right, they are.

In fact, hashtags are wayyyy more important than most people think.


Never Underestimate the Power of the Hashtag!

Hashtags are the best way for your post to be seen by your followers and people who aren’t following you…

And making sure that you post hashtags when you post your photos is your best shot at getting your post seen by the most people in the shortest amount of time.

But… and this is a BIG but…

The hashtags you use must be relevant to your post.

If they’re not, then

  1. People won’t open your picture of a cat when they’ve searched for #ferrari and…
  2. Your account might get branded as spam and then you definitely won’t be getting the engagement you want.

If you don’t use any hashtags, then the people who don’t already follow you probably won’t see your post. In fact, not many people at all will see it unless they’re online at the time or if they check on your profile regularly.

Unless… you spend ages following new people, liking their posts in the hope that they hop over to your profile and check you out… or if your account pops up on theirs as a ‘Suggestion for you’ and they check you out then…

But either way, hashtags are waayyyyy quicker and virtually guarantee you more exposure.

By using hashtags you’re opening up the door to a whole sea of people looking for posts like yours.

And hashtags they still work even if they’re ‘hidden’. I know right, this is awesome…

Buuttttt…. a huge chunk of hashtags in the caption or even the comment section of your post can make your entire post look cluttered, messy and unprofessional.

And I’m pretty sure that if you’ve posted a picture on Instagram it’s because you actually want people to see it, right? Well that pile of hashtags right underneath can act as a distraction and take the focus away from your image.

And we don’t want that do we? No, we want to know how to hashtag on Instagram without it showing, right?


Hashtags in Comments

If you’ve googled hashtags before then you’ve probably seen loads of “experts” telling you that you need to put your hashtags in the comments section and not the caption.

Well, you should listen to them… because, ladies and gentlemen, they’re right.

You see, if you type your hashtags in a comment, then when your post gets more comments, Instagram can’t show them all so it’s likely that your messy bundle of hashtags will get sucked into the ‘Load more comments’ section and no one will see them.

Yay, perfect! So that’s it then?

Not exactly… What if you put your hashtags in the comment sections of your post but don’t get any other comments?

Your pile of hashtags will be there for all to see. And now you’re back at square one.

Wanna know how to fix this?

Of course you do, that’s why you’re here.

It’s super simple. In fact I’m going to explain it in 5 simple steps.


5 Steps to Hashtag on Instagram Without it Showing

  1. Open a text editor on your phone. (Most people use notes on iPhone but Evernote is also a good choice)
  2. Type a dot ‘.’ and press the return key so the cursor goes onto a new line. Do this 5 times so you end up with 5 dots underneath each other.
  3. Type out your hashtags in the space underneath your 5th dot.
  4. Copy the whole note (the 5 dots, line breaks and the hashtags altogether).
  5. Open Instagram, post your photo with a caption and paste your dots and hashtags into a comment underneath it.

Here’s how Step 2 and 3 look:

[one_half_first]Hashtag Note - How to Hashtag on Instagram Without it Showing[/one_half_first]


VKPositiveQuotes - How To Hashtag on Instagram Without it Showing



Now all you’ll see is an ellipsis (3 dots …) like this:

Ellipsis - How To HAshtag on Instagram without it Showing

You’ve still used you usual 30 hashtags but your post is crisp and clean and they’re nowhere to be seen. Your post looks way less cluttered and more professional.

So, next time someone asks you how to hashtag on Instagram without it showing, you can tell them that you know EXACTLY how to do it…and you’ll even show them! (If they buy you a Starbucks…obviously!)



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