The Most Important Instagram Question

Most Important Question

Ask this simple 5-word question, stand back and watch your engagement – and growth – erupt

Inside this short blog post, you’ll learn a simple 5-word sentence that gives you an almost unfair advantage in boosting your engagement, out-growing your competition…and…triggering an ongoing stream of new hungry fans.

Asking this simple question is the easiest way I know to get you to think outside the box. It can literally make you rich and set you up as the “expert” in your niche.

This is true if you’re an entrepreneur, infopreneur, business owner, influencer, social media manager – anyone with anything to do with Instagram.

Shameless over-promising? Nope, and I’ll prove it.

Here’s the question:

How good are my hashtags?

Just five little words. But let’s explore their huge potential…

A Little Known Secret Of Instagram Experts

First, always remember that Instagram is so much more than a fun app where people share selfies and shots of their latest meal. It’s a place holding an untapped source of customers – ready to spend their money on your product…services…or business. It’s an easy-to-use (and free) advertising machine able to fly under the “bullshittery” of other advertising methods…and…is able to close thousands of sales at once.

And do it day after day, month after month.

Knowing this, the quickest way we found to uncover new ways to explode engagement is to learn the secrets of the master Instagrammers and then apply them to our own “mass” of accounts.

I’m about to tell you something that is easily one of the most powerful secrets…but…before I do, let me show you it does actually work.

You see, a year ago, we set out on a mission to grow several Instagram accounts at the same time. And, at the end of that year…

After networking with experts, testing, changing, researching, swapping, reading, researching again…and spending way too much money…the question left at the end:

“How good are my hashtags?”

Here’s the reason:

In 2014, using a single hashtag instead of using none, boosted engagement by 12.6% but…

In 2017, using a single hashtag instead of using none, boosts engagement by 70.14% and…

In 2017, using the right hashtags can boost engagement by up to 90%.

Now, here’s the problem with all of that.

It’s not just about using popular hashtags.

It’s not just about using copy-paste hashtags on a free app or website.

It’s not just about stealing your competitors hashtags and using the same set over and over and over.

You see, the Million-Follower giants understand this. The Instagram experts understand this. The huge worldwide brands understand this. And that’s why you don’t often see their hashtags at all – at most, you see one or two in a caption.

They keep them hidden, they use and delete them, if they post right now, they’ll change their strategy for the next one before I finish the drink in front of me (it’s a Starbuck’s Caramel Latte). You get the point.

So, whenever you post on Instagram, always ask: “How good are my hashtags?”

Don’t post until you KNOW you’ve got your own exclusive set of hashtags that you’re confident will give you results.

Got it? Good.

But then we have another question begging for an answer: “Where do we find exclusive hashtags?”

Well, this next page is what I call a magic potion, one so special, it will change your life on Instagram in many positive ways as soon as you start using it.

It will show you how to switch stale engagement out – and tag active fans back in.

It will take out any guesswork and almost guarantee every post aims directly at your target audience.

In fact, this magic potion is possibly the most effective secret for getting results on Instagram without any effort. Yet you have never seen anything like it, anywhere else, I promise. You’ll see soon.


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