How To Reallyyy Go Viral On Instagram – Part 3

How To Go Viral On Instagram

Okay, let’s start where we left off – with a little template of a direct message you should send to all of the shoutout pages you want to work with.

It’s what you want them to do for you. The deets-of-the-deal.

Here’s the template again:

  • You want both a post and bio link shout-out
  • Lasting 3 hours or less
  • To be posted at 7pm on Wednesday (the time and date will probably be different for you)

So, before we get into this, can you see where the power lies? No? I suppose it does just look like a boring bullet point list but…

If you’ve got another few minutes spare, I’ll show you the magic, sound fair enough? Good.

Well in that case, let’s start with…


A Post And Bio Link Shoutout

The post shoutout is the most common you’ll see and generally it’s just an account sharing one of your pictures…while (hopefully_ telling their audience to perform an action. You know like: “go follow @youraccount” or “hit like on this one”.

Whatever. The point is, it’s nothing more than them sharing your content.

The problem is: With Instagram’s “one link rule” – you can’t drive traffic…and…that means it’s gonna be hella difficult to see a return on your investment.

Basically, you can’t make the most of the shoutout unless you add another little piece of the puzzle.

And what is that? Well, if you’ve been paying attention, you already know, right? Exactly! It’s…

That you need to also hijack the shoutout page’s bio link too.

Face it. Most of your followers, and their followers, are not going to go to the effort of seeing your shouted-out post, then click through to your account, then click through your bio link.

It’s just too many steps for them to want to take. (We’re all really lazy online – we don’t like effort!)

Plus…you bring out their trust issues. You see, if they’ve never heard of you before, they’re probably not ready to come over and visit your page AND click your link. BUT…

They trust the page they follow. He’s been putting out great content for as long as they’ve followed him…and…

That gives you some immediate social proof.

And trust me, that’s not something you want to underestimate – at all!

Okay, so that explains the power lying in bullet point number 1. But…


What’s Behind Bullet Number Two?

Well, to answer that, I want you to think about how Instagram’s feed works:

You post, and it rises to the top of a “chronological feed”…now, I’m not saying that the Instagram feed is always chronological because it isn’t anymore, but…

The more recently you posted, the more “time points” you get. And, as the hours go by, you gradually lose those points.

Think about it: it’s pretty obvious. You don’t open up Instagram and see posts from 3 weeks ago all over your home page and explore feed. Doesn’t matter who posted, it’s not gonna show up. And why do you think that is? Exactly! Because there’s so many posts each day that a single post will be buried within a few hours.

(In fact, 95 million posts are shared every single day – that’s 65,972 posts every minute. Dayum.)


What do you think this means for our shoutout? It means it’s pretty darn pointless paying the extra dollar for a 24 hour shoutout.

Does that make sense? Good.

Well, a 3 hour shoutout is more than enough to get the results you want from every page. Now, you can be clever with this and stagger each shoutout slightly – in fact, now that I’ve said it, you should definitely do that.

I guess I’ve never really noticed that I do that automatically now…but…I didn’t have it written down here to tell you about. Ha, funny how things work out sometimes once you get writing.

Anyway, that’s your second bullet point.

Now, we’ll save the last bullet point for later because it’s about time I tell you about…


Step 3: Kick-Ass Content

To be brutally honest with you. There’s not much point (and by not much point I mean NO POINT) in doing this unless your post…and freebie…are chock full of Insta-worthy-awesomeness.

But, we’re not here to create posts, are we? No. We’re here to find out about the system. Yet, being the kind-hearted-and-gentle soul that I am…here’s how to hack your content.

Use Themeforest to buy an ebook mockup pack like this one:
Book Mockup

Or this one:
Book Mockup

Then throw your design on it. Trust me, it’s painfully simple and this quick video will show you all it takes! (Oh, if you check the caption on this video, I think there’s a free mockup offered in a link!)
Book Tutorial

See? Easy. I just saved you a few hundred bucks you’d of paid to a designer to do the same thing. You’re welcome.

And before you go off searching for Photoshop, it’s here too:
Adobe Photoshop Download

Yes, it costs every month but honestly, for the price you’d have to pay a designer, this is a steal. I mean, that one mockup set will have you fixed for the next 6 months of promotions.

But if you really don’t want to pay, you can take the 7/14 day trial and just get to work creating your posts then. Pretty simple really.

Oh, before we move past this part, if you don’t think showing off a physical book is a good idea for you, you could try a mobile, tablet or computer screen mockup like these:

(It’s the same method as before, you’re just uploading an ebook cover instead! Or a website screenshot, app screenshot, course page, etc., etc.)

And just to show you, I’m no Photoshop professional or anything even remotely close, but here’s an ebook I made in 5 minutes using what I’ve mentioned.

Look, that may seem like a lot of effort, but that’s why it’s so good. You see, just like our followers…our competitors are lazy too. They don’t want all this hassle, so they settle for a weak image and a not-so-obvious promotion post.

Then, you come along with your perfect freebie printed up onto an Instagram post…

Guess what? You win.

And do you know why you win? No?

Because first impressions are king-of-the-ring. (Sorry for the cliche.) But you just gave the impression that you’re a professional company, with badass ebook designs on Instagram posts, which most likely means your freebie content is also badass.

And that means…

You get their email address. While your competitor goes off to a dark, lonely corner to sulk.

So…what’s left?



You Need A Caption

A caption that tells those followers exactly what to do, in no uncertain terms. A caption that will leave an impression on anyone who reads it…and…will almost have them burning keyboard-rubber in order to get to the freebie fast enough!

But, most people write crap captions. Captions that your followers have seen a million times before.

And, where would you find a caption like that?

Start here:
How To Write The Perfect Instagram Caption


P.S. – If you’re looking for the secret behind bullet number 3, scroll up to the top and put your email address in the free guide on the right. You’ll get a bunch of secrets…probably more than you can handle!


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