To Social Media Managers Who Need More Clients…But Are Stuck

Social Media Manager Need More Clients

If you’ve dropped $997 on a Social Media Marketing course…and…you’re struggling to get results for your clients…then this is going to be the most important piece of free content you’ll ever read.

Here’s why: There’s a guy in Ohio named Frank Gilbert who, until recently, was struggling badly with his new “crazy idea”. It wasn’t really a crazy idea, not to anyone who thinks like an entrepreneur, but to nearly everyone else he knew, it was just a “stupid dream”.

You see, Frank quit his job because he’d just completed a very popular Social Media Marketing course…and…after working with a couple of clients, decided that he would take a “certain entrepreneur’s” advice and just start his own business.

As part of that decision, he knew he had to make sure the clients he had stayed happy. And any new clients he took on, would be just as pleased with his work.

After a few months, Frank was winning…and…in his first 3 months…he earned $20,000. Not bad for his first time out alone. Now, I know you’ve probably heard hundreds of stories just like his…but…I’m not here to tell you his story. No, I want to tell you about Frank’s “system”.

And his system is simple really.

What he did was:


Get Rid Of Most Of The Hard Work

Now you should know: Frank wasn’t lazy and he wasn’t afraid of hard work. He just liked shortcuts…and…his shortcut was to avoid clients who wanted anything to do with the more time consuming social media networks, like Instagram.

I probably don’t even need to tell you this but, Instagram, out of all of the social media networks out there, takes time. A lot of time. And that’s not all. It takes a lot of effort, too. So, rather than learning how to get the best results, he chose not to use it at all. Smart.

Let me tell you: This worked like a dream. He added new clients every month and his income showed no sign of slowing down.

He managed to buy a new car, move out of his parents house into an uptown apartment that he shared with his friend…and…book a holiday to Greece – somewhere he’d always wanted to go.

But…like any good Social Media Manager knows, you can’t avoid one of the biggest networks out there for very long…and so…all too quickly, his clients started to look elsewhere.

You see, he failed to realise the bottom line is:


Clients Want Results

That’s it. There is no substitute. And by now, we all know that Instagram can get results. Big results. There are 600 million people on Instagram…and…his clients wanted a fair sized piece of that pie.

They wouldn’t keep paying him if he couldn’t get results on Instagram.

No results, no income.

But, why would losing a few clients matter? There’s more of them out there, right? Yes, there is…however…only 88% of companies are actually on social media. And most of those just want to handle it on their own. They don’t want help and even if they did, they don’t want to pay for it.

In truth, only 22% of those businesses are using social media managers. But, almost all of those don’t want the hassle of trying to find and use someone new. They’re getting some results and that’s good enough for them.

The remaining 12% are either: Owned by someone too old to understand social media…or…they’re not in a niche where they would benefit from it at all. Which means…


Only A Tiny Percentage Of Small Businesses Online Are Actually Ready To Work With Someone Like You or Frank

And most of those want results straight out of the gate. They don’t want to wait around while you “get to grips” with their business. They don’t want to sit and listen to your excuses. If they’re paying you, they want more results than the last business you worked for. And, they want them now.

Out of all of the reasons social media managers get fired, the number one complaint is there weren’t enough results. And that makes sense, right? Why keep paying for something you’re getting no return from?

On top of that, most businesses struggle to not only measure their return on investment but half of them struggle to even tie their social activities to business goals and outcomes.

All of that adds up to one major problem for you and Frank.

That problem is: The pool of clients is shrinking all the time. It makes your job harder to find them…and…harder to keep them happy if they’ve been burned before.

So let me ask you this: If all of your clients want the same thing, how can you serve them? How will you ever manage to add new clients (and so increase your income) if you’re stuck trying to desperately please the ones you have?

And then, if you can’t keep your clients happy…and…you can’t add new clients…what next…


You’d Be Wasting Your Money

It’s simple – if you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a course…and…you end up losing all of your clients because you can’t figure this out, you’ve wasted your money.

And what’s more: For every new client you can’t add, you’re basically saying no to that extra money, too. If you can’t keep money you have…and…you’re losing money from regular clients…you’re probably heading straight back to that 9-5 you hated. Straight back to your parents spare room. Straight back to a group of friends laughing and joking about your failed “crazy idea”.

I don’t think you want that. But, you don’t need to ever get to that place.

You see, Frank being the shortcut kinda guy that he is, found a new way to get results on Instagram for his clients – even faster than before.

The truth is all he did was make a few minor changes to stuff you already know. And the results of those minor changes will blow your mind, not to mention the fact you’ll pick them up easily.

For most clients, those quick wins will be more than they ever need to agree to keep paying you every month. In fact, you’ll be making clients so happy they’ll be trying to keep you all to themselves. (Which you can usually turn into higher fees!)

And trust me, this is the only place you’ll find these minor changes. I haven’t seen them on any blog, inside any book, taught by any course…they’re only talked about right here.



What Is The Shortcut To Getting More Results On Instagram?

Look, 9/10 times…more results just means more followers. So the first real question here is how to get more followers on Instagram. And fortunately, that’s exactly what Frank’s system does.

You will have already heard of this tactic…and…I’d be lying if I said it’s not easy. It’s just something that isn’t mentioned because, well, people like to keep their secrets to themselves. (But this isn’t my secret now is it)

And, just because you’ve already heard of this tactic, that doesn’t mean you know exactly how to use it for best results. Just because a car has an engine, doesn’t mean it could keep up with a Ferrari. In other words, there’s a way of doing things…then…there’s a faster and better way of doing things.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d choose the Ferrari every time…and…if you’re with me on this one…and…if you’ve got 60 seconds to spare, I’d like to show you that “Ferrari”…sound fair enough?

Great. Here goes…


Use F-U Smartly

Yes, the Follow-Unfollow method. Now, before we go any further, I want you to listen up.

We’re talking about quick wins here and for most of your clients, getting a quick win will be what they want to see in order to trust you for at least another month or two.

Just imagine, if the very least thing this system did for you was squeeze another two months worth of cash out of every client who quit on you, would you use it?

I mean, what would that be worth to you?

Some clients pay $1000 a month…and…if every client stayed with you for a month longer…you’re looking at thousands of dollars of extra income…just…for using this little trick.

So – if you like the sound of that – let’s look at what we need to do.


The System

First, let me explain where people go wrong with the Follow-Unfollow method: They go out and find the biggest influencers in their niche, and follow all of their followers, hoping to be followed back.

Listen: 95% of those people are following that account because it’s a huge account with relevant content. Everyone wants to be following the popular kid on the block. So you’re fighting a hard battle to try and get these people interested in what you have to offer. Why would they come to you when they’ve got the biggest, baddest page out there on their following list?

They wouldn’t.

The smart way to do it, is…


Find The Not-Yet Popular Kids On The Block

It’s simple. Go after all those people following the not-yet-popular kids on the block – the smaller accounts in your niche. Because, those people will actually notice you’ve followed them. They will probably be flattered a page like yours has found them. And, they’re literally showing you their behaviour of following smaller accounts…and that all means: They’re 10x more likely to follow you back.

But…there’s a couple of problems with this. You see: You need to find the perfect small accounts in your niche. Then, you’ve gotta take it at a steady pace so you don’t set off Instagram’s “alarm bells”. Do that and…

This will work. It will work well. Really well. And then the only problem you’re going to run into after this is your clients will start throwing money at you to keep you around.

So, all you need to do is find the perfect accounts…and…know how to avoid setting off Instagram’s alarm bell. Simple.

Sure, your clients might ask other questions.

Questions like: “Why are my followers shooting up so quickly? Shouldn’t my engagement be going up just as quickly too?”

And that is a very hard question to be faced with. Especially if you don’t know how to answer it…or…how to fix the engagement problem. You’ll be straight back to the possibility of losing clients because they’re not seeing the number of likes and comments they were hoping for.

It’s a good problem to be faced with…but…it’s still a problem.

Anyway, that’s a talk for next time.

Here’s the link for Part 2: Here’s How Social Media Managers Can Fix Low Instagram Engagement


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